Covid-19: Rio to reopen schools on Monday | Lauro Jardim

Swiss Municipal School, in Penha, North Zone of Rio | Fabiano Rocha / Agência O Globo

Mayor Eduardo Paes decided to reopen the schools from the city of Rio de Janeiro for face-to-face classes starting on Monday, the 5th. The official announcement on this relaxation measure of restrictive measures to combat the pandemic will be made tomorrow morning by Paes.

This is the first easing of the measures adopted on March 26 in the municipality and whose end date is set for Sunday. The decision is in line with a mantra that Paes often repeats: “in the pandemic schools are the first to reopen and the last to close”.

What about other restrictions, such as the prohibition on the operation of street shops, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, football stadiums, beaches and so on?

The decision on these other locations is being made this afternoon in meetings and conversations between Paes and politicians, mayors of neighboring cities (such as Niterói) and with the technical council of the city for actions to combat Covid-19.

The City Hall’s numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in the city “improved, but not much,” according to an aide to Paes.


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