‘There is no dichotomy between saving lives and the economy’, says UN coordinator

The Brazilian population should not neglect protective measures against Covid-19 during the Easter holiday, calls for coordinator of the United Nations (UN) in Brazil, Marlova Noleto.

In an interview with CNN this Thursday (1st), she pointed out that the number of deaths from the disease, which records daily records, is very high and, therefore, the country needs to be firm in actions that restrict the circulation of people.

“We believe that there is no dichotomy between saving lives and taking care of the economy. The priority at this point is to save lives,” he said. “We do need restrictive measures that contribute to stop the virus from circulating the way it is circulating.”

Marlova added that a high circulation of the coronavirus increases the possibility of the emergence of new strains and, therefore, it becomes more difficult to control the pandemic. “The UN is following the situation here in Brazil with great concern. We are working with the Ministry of Health, with governors, mayors and civil society in responding to the country,” said the coordinator.

“We are calling on the population to intensify prevention measures during the Easter holiday. We know that there is a great expectation for the vaccine, but at this moment what can help us to reduce the circulation of the virus are restrictive measures. We need to that people understand that it is a small sacrifice that will have a big return. ”

Medical care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients in Covid-19
Photo: Mister Shadow / Estadão Contents


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