SP: Family of elderly with covid-19 sues Justice for ICU vacancy – News

SP: Family of elderly with covid-19 sues Justice for ICU vacancy – News
SP: Family of elderly with covid-19 sues Justice for ICU vacancy – News

Since the last day of March 13, the retired self-employed José Chaves de Oliveira, 77, who previously showed vigor in physical activities, now sees his health deteriorating daily, while waiting for an ICU bed (Intensive Care Unit) to the treatment of covid-19.

Today, he remains in the infirmary of Iamspe (Institute of Medical Assistance to the State Public Servant of São Paulo) with 90% of the lungs affected by the disease and, according to information passed on by doctors at the hospital, little chance of survival.

Desperate, family members decided to make appeals on social networks. A video was recorded by José’s daughter, Viviane Batista, in which a niece of the elderly man pleads for help. There was also a police report and an action in court for an urgent vacancy in an ICU.

The physiotherapist Luma Aparecida Franco, the patient’s granddaughter, said that after being diagnosed with the disease, the elderly began to be treated at home. But when oxygenation started to drop, he was referred to the hospital. She revealed that, during hospitalization, doctors tried to convince relatives to accept palliative care.

“Before, he was not going [para a UTI] because his case was not so serious. Now that it is very serious, he cannot go because people are in need of more than him. Why is that person’s life more important than his or her life? Just because you’re younger? So, a person who is younger, who was attending dances, did not comply with the quarantine, does he deserve this bed much more than he, who was stuck at home all this time? “, He asked.

Through lawyers, the relatives filed an extrajudicial notification for the hospital unit to urgently provide an ICU bed. The hospital received the document on Wednesday (31), but would have told the family only that it awaits the opening of a vacancy.

“We know of other cases that passed in front of him. She [a neta, Luma] he is a physiotherapist, he is helping people and, when he most needed help with his grandfather, he is not getting it “, lamented the lawyer and family friend Michelly Cristina Felix.

In March, the State of São Paulo surpassed the mark of 31 thousand people hospitalized in the same day, and currently there are 31,175 hospitalized patients, 12,961 in ICU beds and 18,214 in the ward. The occupancy rates of ICU beds are, according to data from this Wednesday (31), 89.9% in the State and 88.5% in Greater São Paulo.

What the Iamspe says

HSPE (Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual) guaranteed, in a note sent to the R7, that all necessary care is being provided to the patient José Chaves de Oliveira, who was admitted on March 13 in the Emergency Room of the unit, reporting that flu-like symptoms began on March 3. He was kept under observation and was admitted to hospital in the early hours of March 14.

According to the text, the patient has been receiving all intensive care, with mechanical ventilation, due to the clinical picture of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome caused by covid-19. To date, there is no indication of new invasive support measures.

The medical teams of HSPE are at the family’s disposal to provide all clarifications. The State Public Servant Hospital informs that it will also investigate the information provided by family members.

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