To receive vaccine against Covid-19, teachers from SP will have to make registration mandatory – 01/04/2021 – Education

Teachers from São Paulo, a category included in the immunization plan against Covid-19, will have to make a mandatory registration to receive the two doses of the Coronavac vaccine. The rules were released in the early afternoon of this Thursday (1st) by Rossieli Soares, the Education Secretary of the government of João Doria (PSDB).

Education professionals over the age of 47 who work from day care to high school in public and private schools in the state of São Paulo will be vaccinated from the 12th of this month.

For the São Paulo government, there are approximately 350 thousand professionals in this group – the equivalent of 40% of workers in the sector and who represent 66.5% of the comorbidities among those working in the state network, according to Soares.

Teachers in the classroom, school cooks, cleaning ladies, school secretaries, pedagogical coordinators, principals, deputy principals and caregivers will be immunized. To be entitled to vaccination, professionals will have to register personal data and professional information on the website (

In the first stage of registration, the CPF number, full name and e-mail will be required. Then, according to the secretary, the professional will receive a link in the indicated email that will need to be validated for the registration to be completed.

In the next step, the professional must confirm the personal data and point out the name of the school, education network, municipality and position held. It will also be necessary to attach the payslips for the months of January and February.

Subsequently, the registration will go through an analysis process and, if validated, the professional will receive the VacinaJá Educação voucher in their email with a QRCode to verify authenticity.

Even before announcing the existence of the tool, the secretary of the portfolio said that 120 people had already entered data into the system. “All teachers can register, but the vaccine will only be offered now to those over the age of 47,” the secretary told reporters.

Teachers working in two schools will only need to provide the name of one of them. The director of the school unit informed in the register will help the education portfolio to validate whether the professional really works on the site.

Service providers operating in the network must, in addition to personal documents, inform the CNPJ of the company with an active contract with schools. The registration does not guarantee the scheduling to receive the doses of the vaccine, but the validation to obtain it, which is the responsibility of the municipalities.


The inclusion of teachers in vaccination against Covid-19 is a claim of the category, which has been afraid to return to the classroom at the worst moment of the pandemic.

According to the Secretariat of Education, at least 4,084 confirmed cases of Covid-19 were registered in schools in São Paulo until March 6 – most recent data from the portfolio.

Of this total, 2,526 are civil servants / employees and 1,558 are students. Most of the contamination occurred in state schools: 2,418. Next are private schools (1,534) and municipal schools (132).

Decree published by Governor João Doria (PSDB), this last Saturday (27), declared education as an essential service, which increased the pressure to open the units.

In the capital of São Paulo, Mayor Bruno Covas announced the resumption of public and private schools on the 12th on the event that the emergency phase is not extended in the state.

This Monday (5th), the São Paulo school units, according to Covas, may open, but only for the provision of food to students.

Report from sheet showed that private schools are already preparing a judicial offensive to obtain an injunction that authorizes the return of face-to-face classes as of the 5th, based on Doria’s decree, which classified education as essential.

The face-to-face classes were resumed in São Paulo at the beginning of February, but in a rotating format. As the pandemic only got worse in the state, the meetings were once again suspended after the start of the emergency phase, which was put into effect on March 15th and extended until the 11th of this month.

But the anticipation of the vaccination of some professional categories, such as that of teachers and security forces, carried out by some states like São Paulo, was cause for criticism.

This attitude goes against the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, according to which states should not skip the priority group’s vaccination order.

The federated entities, however, have the autonomy to set up their own vaccination scheme according to the characteristics of their population, specific demands and available doses.

Epidemiologist Carla Domingues, who was at the helm of the PNI (National Immunization Program) for eight years (2011-2019), said that changes made by states disrupt the vaccination process and communication with the population.

Domingues stated that it is not against advancing the vaccination of teachers and security forces, but that this needs to be decided nationally.

“There would have to be a national consensus. Each place making a decision, it will be difficult to control the social demand for vaccine. ”

According to her, the change being made directly by the states can bring disorganization in the vaccination, confusion of the population and the movement of people to states that are already applying the vaccine in the category to which it belongs.

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