“I didn’t get it,” said a young man who died of illness

“I didn’t get it,” said a young man who died of illness
“I didn’t get it,” said a young man who died of illness
Before dying from complications related to covid-19, on Saturday (27), nursing intern Natália Rodrigues, 24, posted a photo on social networks warning about the risks of the disease. “I didn’t catch it going to rolezinho, no”, wrote the young woman before being intubated.

Natália took a dose of the coronavirus vaccine the day before she started to experience mild symptoms – you need to take both doses and wait for the body to have enough antibodies to fight the coronavirus. But pain in her ear and the change in the climate made the girl confuse covid symptoms with other sensations. The young woman was admitted to the Sorocaba Prehospital Unit on March 12, and even improved her condition before being intubated and unable to resist the disease.

Just four days younger than her boyfriend Aaron Fabrício Pacheco da Silva, Natália used social media to vent about her hospitalization. He spoke of the fear of feeling more short of breath and warned that he did not catch the disease on a roll, in addition to alerting to the severity of the covid-19.

“Every day I pray and I ask that I don’t run out of air, that I don’t go to the ICU, that I don’t need to be intubated. I ask every day that I can breathe without needing support, my arms are already sore with both medically administered and missed accesses, unbearable blood gas analysis “, wrote Natália.

Couple had been dating for a year and a half, but friendship had lasted 10 years

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“It’s already been 10 days with this treacherous disease and despair consumes me, people dying by my side and I just pray and ask that everything be okay. I didn’t catch it going to rolezinho, not least because I always knew how unbearable it was to live with this shit is no joke … take it seriously! Brazil’s health is in chaos, please respect all decrees! “, he asked.

Natália did not know exactly where she got the disease, but she suspected that her visits to the hospital to accompany her father for kidney exams may have been the source of the contamination.

To Twitter, Aaron, who had been dating Natália for a year and a half and lived with her for 10 years after a platonic passion that emerged as a teenager, says he saw the sparkle in his partner’s eyes when he heard her adventures in the nursing internship.

“She always cared about everyone, she said ‘love don’t have a grudge, don’t hate people’, whenever we could do a charity, we did it, she always helped people, from money to the profession, she was a very good person, and every time she went to the internship she was happy, content, told the news, what she learned, even gave a child a vaccine, who gave a smile instead of crying “, reported Aaron, who kept in memory the story lived by the ex-companion.

The young man also tested positive for the disease, but had no serious symptoms and is recovering at home.

“She always loved and more and more she got stronger, she didn’t do it out of obligation, she didn’t get sick of it, she was very happy about it, she was more certain every day that she would live on it. She was a sensational person. Her eyes shone”, said the Business Administration student.

Father with covid-19

According to the family, Natália was very close to her mother and especially to her father, who has kidney problems. The young woman was responsible for accompanying him to medical appointments.

On the 15th, moments before being intubated, the young woman learned that her father was also infected with covid-19 and had been hospitalized.

Natália’s mother was also infected with the coronavirus, but she did not need to be hospitalized.

Covid-19 in Sorocaba (SP)

The last epidemiological bulletin issued yesterday by the Prefecture of Sorocaba (SP), shows a record of 43,700 confirmed cases of covid-19, 1,114 deaths and 41,782 recoveries.

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