Mother and 2 children die of covid within 23 days; brother is in the ICU

Mother and 2 children die of covid within 23 days; brother is in the ICU
Mother and 2 children die of covid within 23 days; brother is in the ICU
A 67-year-old woman and two of her children, aged 25 and 34, died in an interval of just 23 days in the city of Macaparana, in the north of Pernambuco.

The mother and three children tested positive for the virus in early March. The third child still hospitalized in serious condition, intubated in the ICU of a hospital in Recife.

The family tragedy touched the population of the city, which is 120 km from the capital. According to a neighbor of the family, one of Maria Áurea de Oliveira’s children worked in a supermarket in Recife and visited the family eventually. The last time he went to his mother’s house, at the end of last month, he had flu symptoms.

“After he arrived, with a few days, the mother and brothers started to feel the symptoms too. And everything got worse. When they went to the hospital, everyone was infected,” explained mechanic Jader Richtrmoc.

Allef Ferreira de Oliveira, 25, did not resist the complications of the disease and died on March 7. Thirteen days later, his brother Ademilson Ferreira de Oliveira, aged 34, also died. Áurea had her death declared yesterday.

Adeilton Ferreira, 39, is Dona Áurea’s eldest son and the only one who still struggles with the disease.

Adeilton’s wife, Adriana Creusa, monitors his treatment from a distance. To Twitter, she told how the family’s situation was getting worse.

“My mother-in-law lived with Allef and Ademilson, who worked in Recife and stayed here and there. In this coming and going, he must have become infected. Allef, who was unemployed, was the first to die,” he said.

“He was even isolated, but it got worse. My mother-in-law also took it, along with Ademilson. When my husband went to help them, he took it too. Yesterday, the doctor told me that he is better, Thank God,” said Adriana.

City Hall takes a stand

O Twitter he sought the Macaparana City Hall for more information about the treatment offered to the family in the public network. The health secretary of the municipality, Polyana Albuquerque said that everyone sought the health unit already very weak.

“Everyone arrived seriously at the Mixed Unit in the municipality. We asked for a password for the transfer, but there was no time,” he explained.

According to the manager, Áurea still managed to be transferred to a hospital with more structure, but she also couldn’t resist.

“The two brothers died here in the city. The mother was transferred and spent a few days in the ICU. And the other brother, the eldest, arrived seriously, was intubated here in the municipality and went to Recife”, he continued.

The secretary, however, did not know to specify in which unit of the capital the older brother is interned. For this reason, the report was unable to update his health status.

The municipal ministry added that Macaparana had 773 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus during the pandemic, with 17 deaths.

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