Pretended to vaccinate elderly man against covid-19 and syringe was found in the trash still with the immunizer

This Wednesday, a Brazilian nursing assistant was removed after a video, which went viral on social networks, showing the woman pretending to vaccinate an elderly person against the covid-19, in Iatiba, São Paulo. The health professional even puts the needle in the arm of the 87-year-old man, but does not inject the immunizer. Now, the syringe used was found, still with the immunizer, in the trash.

It should be noted that after the video was shared on social networks, the elderly family went to the hospital to show the images. The health professional was called and seemed “calm”, according to a source from the Brazilian authorities, quoted by G1, and claimed that the video had been edited.

However, searches were carried out and in a box the syringe was still found with the liquid from the CoronaVac vaccine.

The elderly man was called again and ended up being properly vaccinated against covid-19.

The employee was dismissed, and a police investigation is underway.

Note that this is not the first similar case in Brazil. In February, several cities reported cases involving health professionals who only pretended to vaccinate people, especially the elderly. In some cases they touched the needle, in others they pricked but did not inject, and in other cases the syringe was empty and only a ‘dose of air’ was injected.

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