In three months, Campinas reaches 58% of deaths by Covid-19 registered in 2020; March becomes most lethal pandemic month | Campinas and Region

Even before consolidating the data, March has already become the month with the most deaths from Covid-19 in Campinas (SP), surpassing July 2020, when the first wave of the pandemic peaked. The difference between one month and another it already reaches 60 deaths. In addition, in three months, 2021 already accounts for 58.73% of the total deaths due to the disease that last year.

The municipality has 469 deaths in March, a number that will increase because daily bulletins report deaths from previous days. In the previous record, July totaled 409. In relation to the total number of deaths, 2021 has 884 against 1,505 of the 10 months of the pandemic last year.

Deaths by Covid-19 in Campinas – month by month

Source: G1 Campinas with City Hall data

When reviewing the causes of the tragedy, Unicamp infectologist Raquel Stucchi recalls that the first news about the vaccine against Covid-19 appeared in the last half of 2020, at a time of general decline in numbers. In sequence, there were holidays in November, elections, year-end parties and the appearance of the most transmissible Brazilian variant.

“So we brought together the people who started to go out a lot, this led to the appearance of a new variant that transmits very quickly. People continued to gather and not pay attention to it, and the vaccine did not arrive. Or if it arrived, it was at a speed that is absolutely incapable of making any containment of the coronavirus and the variant “.

Raquel, who is a consultant for the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, points out that the position of the federal government, which criticized the isolation measures and did not encourage the use of a mask, also has an impact on the upsurge of the pandemic.

“A person who has been locked up at home for a year, who needs to go out to work and struggling to make a living because the aid is over, he will lean towards the side that will solve his life. On one side is the president and the Minister of Health at the time saying one thing and the other, we infectologists. Then she hears and says ‘life is hard, I will follow what the president says’ “, he analyzes.

  • With 32 more deaths, Campinas reaches 2,392 lives lost

1 of 2 Unicamp infectologist Raquel Stucchi – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

Unicamp infectologist Raquel Stucchi – Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

Secretary of Health of Campinas, Lair Zambon lists as factors the general tiredness with the restriction rules, the presence of the most transmissible variants of the virus, the growth of cases of other diseases that were dammed up in 2020 and the “pandemic of ignorance”.

“I think we are experiencing two pandemics in Brazil. One pandemic of the disease and the other of ignorance. It is something that involves education, and this pandemic has hindered us a lot. Especially people who deny science, who deny the mask, who deny social detachment. This has greatly hampered the digression of Covid-19 cases. “

With the rapid acceleration of the number of deaths, hospitalizations and cases, city halls have enacted restrictive rules and curfew, which impacts circulation. The first results show a stabilization in the indicators. The concern, according to Raquel, is with the holiday Easter and other festive dates.

“I worry a lot about what will be the behavior of people now, this weekend. Because if people do not understand that nIt is not to have contact with anyone outside of your daily life nucleus, we will have in 10 days from now a new increase in the demand for respiratory symptoms, the need for hospitalization “, he analyzes.

  • Indexes suggest deceleration and Campinas charges care at Easter to consolidate trend

The infectologist also regrets the anticipation of holidays in the state capital, which may have stimulated trips by paulistanos to the interior and coast. In São Sebastião (SP), the sanitary barrier set up to carry out examinations on tourists generated a 2-hour queue and found 19 contaminated.

Based on data from Campinas, the Secretary of Health points to stabilization in new hospitalizations, which is positive if compared to previous weeks. His expectation is that, at best, in five days the number of patients who will be admitted to hospitals is less than the number of patients leaving the units.

“I imagine that in four to five days, we start to have an inflection in the curve. This is the most optimistic hypothesis, because another hypothesis is that it is still another 10 days or two weeks still stable and then it starts to fall “.

Therefore, the Health holder’s expectation is that April will be better in terms of pandemic control and care.

2 of 2 Lair Zambon, Secretary of Health of Campinas (SP) – Photo: Carlos Bassan / Campinas City Hall

Lair Zambon, Secretary of Health of Campinas (SP) – Photo: Carlos Bassan / Campinas City Hall

Zambon defends the restrictive measures adopted in the city by stating that the next step would be a severe closure that would affect public transport during the day, which could affect the health area, as professionals use buses for work.

In recalling the criticisms about the closure of schools, the secretary says that it is not easy to adopt closures of any kind.

“We are criticized because we do not open schools. The problem is that at this level of contamination and at this level of hospitalized people, any type of movement that occurs in the city is already getting worse. That is why we have taken all these tough measures.”

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