Covid-19 kills father and son one day apart in MG – News

Covid-19 kills father and son one day apart in MG – News
Covid-19 kills father and son one day apart in MG – News

Father and son died one day apart, victims of covid-19, in the city of Joaíma, 700 km from Belo Horizonte.

Both had been hospitalized due to complications from the disease since the first week of March. Last Thursday (25), the father, the crier Lianele Ferraz, passed away. On Friday (26), the hospital confirmed the death of Matheus Ferraz, aged 24.

Lianele owned an accounting office in the city and provided services to city halls in the region. Matheus was a computer technician at IFNMG (Federal Institute of Northern Minas Gerais).

Relatives reported to the report that the young man was facing obesity, allergies and respiratory problems. Lianele, on the other hand, would have apnea.

According to the Government of Minas, 7 out of 10 people who died of covid-19 in the state had some history. The most common are heart disease, diabetes, obesity and lung problems.

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In a social network, Mayor Daurinho Barreto (Citizenship) mourned the deaths. “A cheerful young man, who always had a smile on his face and despite his few years of life, had a huge heart and delighted wherever he went,” said the politician, recalling that Matheus worked at the Antônia Grapiúna Municipal Hospital and at the pharmacy. municipal.

Family and friends also mourn the loss. “Pain consumes me, pain has embraced me!” wrote a cousin of Matheus who, the day before, had said goodbye to his uncle. “You fought hard to live. How much affection we had for each other,” he wrote when talking about the young man’s father.

The State Government system counts 407 people infected with the coronavirus in Joaíma and 15 deaths caused by the virus. According to the city, however, there are already 17 deaths in the city of approximately 15,400 inhabitants. At least 941 people received the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine in the municipality. Throughout Minas Gerais, there are 24,332 victims of the disease and 1,123,913 infected.

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