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A 58-year-old woman, diagnosed with Covid-19, died in Mongaguá, on the coast of São Paulo, waiting for a place in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was intubated in an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in the city. The family obtained an injunction that obliged the State Government to transfer Damaris Boneti de Oliveira, even if she went to a private hospital. However, the Department of Health said that as of Wednesday morning, it had not been notified.

In an interview with G1, Damaris’s daughter, Renata Boneti Araújo, reported that, due to the delay in the transfer, she feared that she would receive bad news. “I am feeling helpless, I fought so hard and I couldn’t. The doctor confirmed death for Covid-19, and we couldn’t even say goodbye. It’s very difficult and painful. We won’t be able to have a funeral, just burial. My husband is also hospitalized. and waiting for transfer, he has oxygen and more than 55% of his lungs are compromised, we don’t know what else to do “, she says shaken.

Renata explains that she struggled to get an ICU bed, so that her mother could receive more efficient treatment against the disease, and that the family’s lawyer filed for an injunction in court to guarantee the vacancy.

The transfer request was made at the 2nd Civil Court of Mongaguá. Early on Tuesday night (30), Judge Bruno Nascimento Troccoli granted the injunction with urgent protection, so that the state could provide a place in the ICU in the public network, or pay for admission to an ICU in the private network. However, Damaris was never transferred.

Mongaguá already records 13 deaths of people waiting for Covid-19 beds. In addition, as reported to the G1, another 16 people are still waiting for transfer to specific beds for the care of the disease.

In a statement, the city says that the municipality’s Health Director, Marcelo Marco, reported that the patient’s health status was “unstable”, a factor that prevented her transfer to a referral hospital. According to the administration, the patient was duly inserted in the Health Offers and Services Regulation Center (Cross), and the teams tried hard to get the transfer from the beginning. Unfortunately, she did not resist and died.

The state, also by means of a note, said that Cross immediately began the search for a place for patient Damaris. However, his condition was serious and evolved negatively, before there were conditions for transfer.

“The patient was still assisted in the service of origin, also responsible for stabilizing displacement in safe conditions. It is important to make it clear that the role of the center is not to create beds, but rather to help identify a place in the service closest to the patient. and able to take care of your case “, says the Health Department.

The folder also states that the overload in the health network is already a reality in several places, and the services of the Unified Health System (SUS) strive to ensure adequate and timely assistance to all. The same occurs on the part of the State Regulation Center, which works 24 hours a day as a mediator between the services of origin and reference. No negative part of this service, which is only an intermediary. Each request is evaluated by regulatory physicians, and it is crucial to update the clinical picture, stabilize and safely move the patient.

Also according to the secretariat, in view of the increase in hospitalizations and the increase in the pandemic, the Government of SP reinforces the importance of respecting the São Paulo Plan and sanitary measures. On March 15, the emergency phase came into force, with tougher restriction measures, which was extended until April 11, and aims to stop the increase in new cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus, and contain the overload in hospitals across the state.

According to Renata, Damaris started to feel the symptoms of the disease just over a week ago, and was taken to a health unit. There, the doctor diagnosed the patient with dengue, prescribed medication and sent her home.

Two days later, she got worse, and the family decided to take her to the Agenor de Campos UPA. By means of an X-ray examination, the doctor said she was with Covid-19, as she found evidence of the disease in the lung, according to the daughter. As there was no respirator available, with prescription drugs, she was released.

Renata even rented an oxygen cylinder to help her mother breathe better while she was at home. On the last 26th day, the situation worsened, and she ended up hospitalized. At dawn on Monday (29), Damaris worsened again and had to be intubated, as she had 55% of her lungs compromised. This Wednesday, she died waiting for a place in the ICU.

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