Presenter’s father Yudi Tamashiro dies after complications from Covid-19 – Zoeira

Presenter’s father Yudi Tamashiro dies after complications from Covid-19 – Zoeira
Presenter’s father Yudi Tamashiro dies after complications from Covid-19 – Zoeira
Nelson Tamashiro, 56, father of the presenter Yudi Tamashiro, 28, died as a result of complications from Covid-19, this Wednesday (31). The information was confirmed by the presenter’s adviser.

In a note, the family said that, due to the pandemic, the funeral will be for the closest family members and the burial will occur next. “The family thanks all the prayers and demonstrations of affection”.

Nelson had suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday night (15), around 9:30 pm. The artist’s father was hypertensive and was admitted to the Municipal Hospital Santa Ana, in Santana de Parnaíba (45 km from SP).

Mother Tânia Tamashiro and Yudi’s sister also had a positive diagnosis for the disease. The mother, who was hospitalized, left the hospital on March 28. The sister did not need to be hospitalized. In the video that the singer and presenter published, he appears outside a room, waiting to see his mother again. She walks through the door in a wheelchair, followed by a group of nurses and with the words “I beat Covid-19” on a sign. Yudi then applauds, hugs his mother and says he loves her.

“God continues to hear our prayers and continues to work miracles,” he wrote on social media, following the recording.

Yudi is evangelical

Converted three years ago by the evangelical church, today the former Bom Dia e Cia dedicates itself entirely to religious life. “I already sang, danced, performed, but my spiritual side was always very strong and now the moment has come that I felt the call in my heart. I felt God speaking to me: ‘now you have already conquered everything you wanted and you will use your story to help other people ‘. ”

Yudi considers the move “a big challenge” and says that alcohol and sex are in his past. “I am not drinking, I am not having sex, I am not doing anything. I am waiting for God’s will. This is what I chose for my life, this is what is doing me good,” he said in an interview with the newspaper. Folha de S.Paulo.

The artist says he went through two conversions. The first was when he had to spend three months of rest, due to an injury to the sciatic nerve. Soon after his recovery, Yudi started singing pagoda, which made him move away from religion again.

“The first time, it was through pain. I saw my career going downhill, I was losing everything and I had no choice but to understand that God and Jesus Christ could get me up,” he said. “I started singing pagode, and then I went back to the night, I went back to be with the girls and drinking. I was going back to the life I used to lead.”

It was then that the ex-presenter considers that everything has changed. He says that he realized that the new Yudi no longer fit into this life and decided to face what he calls his new mission. “My life goal is to influence people and show them the real way,” he said.

To follow his mission, Yudi says that he had to put his professional life aside. “The change in lifestyle is very clear for those who live with me, my family. As much as I see other artists earning more things than I do, I realize that these things bring emotional and psychological difficulties. They are false happiness. I reassure myself because I know that I gave my life into the hands of the creator. ”

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