Young man who had covid reports loss of son at 33 weeks’ gestation

Young man who had covid reports loss of son at 33 weeks’ gestation
Young man who had covid reports loss of son at 33 weeks’ gestation
Beatriz Torres Bachot, 28, was 33 weeks pregnant when she began to experience body aches similar to those of excessive physical exertion. But shortly thereafter she discovered that, in fact, she was experiencing the first symptoms of covid-19.

After a series of visits to two hospitals between February 27 and March 2, she received a positive result. But due to the complications of the disease, her baby, baptized Samuel, ended up dying still in her belly, being removed in an emergency cesarean section at Maternidade Santa Monica, in Maceió, on the last day 4.

“Only God can explain all that we went through, the pain that we feel. I believe that everything has a purpose, I know that the delay took time, there was negligence, but I also know that everything only happens with the permission of God. If today my Samuel is not more here it was because God allowed it “, said Beatriz, who lives with her husband and a five year old daughter, who were not infected.

Until arriving at Maternidade Santa Mônica, Beatriz sought care three times at the municipal hospital of São Luis do Quitunde (AL), city where she resides, and twice at the hospital Santo Antônio, in Maceió, indicated by her health plan, with her symptoms being initially pointed out as signs of a urinary tract infection.

According to the confectioner, despite the indication of her obstetrician, who had already pointed out the suspicion of contamination with the virus, it took her several days to be able to carry out the covid-19 test, which was denied on her first visits to health facilities.

In an interview with Twitter, she said that she lived a peaceful pregnancy until just over a week before delivery, and that, after losing her child, she had to undergo a blood transfusion and use medications to control anemia, caused by the combination of the emergency procedure and the coronavirus.

“At 6am on the 3rd, they gave me an injection to mature Samuel’s lungs, but I think he was already dead,” reported Beatriz about the pre-delivery moments, noting that on the morning of the surgery an obstetrician examined her and said she heard the the baby’s heartbeat, even if she and her mother, who accompanied her in the maternity ward, could hear nothing.

“From so much examination, I learned to distinguish what my son’s heartbeat was and I said to the doctor, ‘No, it’s not like that. I’m not listening.’ We asked for an ultrasound because it was not normal. The exam only came in the late afternoon and the doctor detected that the bag had dried all the amniotic fluid and the baby was dying “, he recalls.

According to her, at 11 pm that day, a doctor warned her that she would undergo an emergency cesarean section, and that a typo in the chart had altered her platelet count, which at a high level may indicate excessive bleeding: they were at 140 , not 40, as reported earlier.

The patient says that there was a heated discussion between the medical team at the door of the room before she was taken to the operating room.

After giving birth, when Beatriz’s mother returned to the bedroom, she noticed a purple spot on her daughter’s abdomen.

“The next day, my abdomen went completely purple and I was in a lot of pain. In addition to the complications of covid-19, I still faced the complications of cesarean section,” he says.

Beatriz said that the ultrasound to assess the spots on the abdomen only came after five days, and the examination detected that there was blood in the abdominal wall, which needed to be drained. Drainage occurred manually after opening two points of the surgery.

Now, the confectioner estimates that most of her health problems, as well as Samuel’s death, could have been avoided with greater care in the first visits she received.

“An ultrasound scan would see that my baby was in fetal distress. My son was born at 12:20 am on the 4th, after 24 hours after I was admitted to the maternity hospital. The delay in the attendance, the times I went to the hospital in São Luís do Quitunde and I was not properly attended to, the times that the exam for covid-19 was denied, contributed to all this. Lawyers have already contacted me to file a lawsuit with everyone they neglected “, says the young woman.

The struggle for survival

Beatriz lives in the municipality of São Luis do Quitunde (AL), 54 km from Maceió, and had a schedule full of orders for wedding cakes when she started to feel pain in her body, on February 18.

“At no time did I imagine that I had covid-19. It was pain that looked like physical exertion, which got worse on the 26th. I had been examined and had an ultrasound on the 23rd and everything was normal. Some doctors came to blame me, to say that I knew I had covid-19, but the test result only came on the 2nd, after my insistence at the municipal hospital of São Luis do Quitunde “, he reported.

She also says that a doctor had to intervene with calls for her to be accepted at the Santa Monica maternity hospital, where she had the final care and was hospitalized from the 3rd to the 11th.

Maternidade Escola Santa Mônica informed, by means of a note, that it did not receive any official notification about the case reported by Beatriz Bachot.

The hospital unit said that “considering the fact that the medical record is a confidential document and the moral and technical charges involving professionals in the unit, management is unable to speak out without prior notification from competent bodies.”

O Twitter he contacted the São Luis do Quitunde city hall, responsible for the municipal hospital, but until the publication of this text there was no return.

In contact with the municipal hospital of São Luis do Quitunde, yesterday and today, the report was informed that the direction of the hospital unit was not present and that there was no one who could speak on the subject.

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