Catarina Martins says that recourse to the Constitutional Court is a “political dramatization” of the Government – Observer

Catarina Martins says that recourse to the Constitutional Court is a “political dramatization” of the Government – Observer
Catarina Martins says that recourse to the Constitutional Court is a “political dramatization” of the Government – Observer

The blockade coordinator, Catarina Martins, criticized this Wednesday the “political dramatization” of the appeal to the Constitutional Court on social support, considering that the parliament corrected “an error” and used the same formula that the Government applied to companies.

The announcement made by the Prime Minister, António Costa, that the Government is going to raise the successive inspection before the Constitutional Court of the diplomas on the reinforcement of the social supports, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, approved by parliament and promulgated by the President of the Republic was one of the themes of the interview that Catarina Martins gave to RTP3.

“The Minister of Finance says that the money exists, workers need a lot of support. This visit to the Government’s Constitutional Court appears much more as a way of making a political dramatization – which I think, altogether, needlessly – than a measure that has any concrete effect ”, he criticized.

Focusing essentially on supporting independent workers and managing partners – one of the three measures sent to the TC -, the BE leader considered that “the Government has a complicated position to explain why this measure was not part of the State Budget” and was implemented a posteriori.


“It is a good thing that the Government, even after the approved budget, realized that it needed this support to reach these workers and legislated. But then he did a very strange thing, ”he said.

According to Catarina Martins, in relation to companies, the Government “when it recovered the support that existed during the first phase of the pandemic, compared the earnings of companies in 2019 with the current one, to understand what was the loss caused by the pandemic”.

In the case of the self-employed, the Government only compares 2020 with 2021, already two years of pandemic and with that excluded many people from support. It is not clear why the Government did not take the same care towards independent workers as it did with companies ”, he criticized.

According to Catarina Martins, what BE did in parliament, with the proposal approved by all parties except the PS, “was to correct this error”.

“Allow the calculation to use exactly the same formula that the Government had already used in the previous one and that this year used for companies: compare 2019 with 2021”, he justified, considering “quite incomprehensible this whole position” of the socialist executive.

The decision to request supervision over this set of diplomas was announced late Wednesday afternoon by António Costa in a communication from São Bento, in which he claimed to be facing “a dangerous precedent” for parliamentary practice to “disfigure ”The state budgets and in which he considered to be facing a case of“ legal uncertainty that generates insecurity and undermines confidence in the institutions ”.

“I understand that it is my duty to ask the Constitutional Court to review the rules approved by the Assembly of the Republic that I consider unconstitutional. This is the normal exercise of my powers, within the framework of the principle of separation and interdependence of powers enshrined in the Constitution, that is, as the President of the Republic summed up very well: It is Democracy and the Rule of Law at work ”, he defended António Costa.

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