Portuguese will be able to schedule the covid-19 vaccine online

Portuguese will be able to schedule the covid-19 vaccine online
Portuguese will be able to schedule the covid-19 vaccine online

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Mass vaccination against covid-19 predicts that the people to be vaccinated themselves will be able to self-schedule the taking of the vaccine with their registration on a digital platform, task force who coordinates this process.

“In addition to the scheduling process by SMS message, phone calls and letters currently in use, it is planned to implement a self-scheduling procedure, through a digital platform, where people can directly schedule their vaccination ”, said the same source to the agency Lusa.

According to the structure led by Vice Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo, the 150 Covid-19 Vaccination Centers (CVC), which are expected to be in operation in the second quarter, are being designed for “easier access for people”, with the its location to be defined in articulation between regional health administrations, health center groups and municipalities.

“Municipalities, in conjunction with the task force and the regional health administrations, are responsible for the assembly of CVCs, being a fundamental entity in the vaccination process ”, stressed the same source.

To carry out the mass vaccination plan, the task force foresees that around 2,500 nurses, 400 doctors and 2,300 assistants are needed, in a total of about 5,200 professionals to be distributed throughout the 150 centers around the country.

According to data from the Ministry of Health’s Transparency Portal, the National Health Service had a total of 147,075 health professionals at its service in January – of which 31,406 doctors and 48,739 nurses – 9765 more than in March 2020, when it started the covid-19 pandemic in the country.

This human resources process for CVC “is taking place, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, the task force, the regional health authorities and the municipalities ”, the structure that coordinates the vaccination plan also advanced.

Regarding the goals to be achieved with CVCs, some of which are already in operation, task force reiterates that it is dependent on the number of vaccines that Portugal receives, having defined the objective of vaccinating about 100 thousand people a day.

“If there are more vaccines available, it is estimated that in the next quarter, the vaccination rate will reach 150 thousand inoculations in peak days in a single day,” said the structure.

As a reference, the Directorate-General for Health recommended that CVCs consist of one or more vaccination modules, each with five vaccination posts and five nurses, and with the capacity to vaccinate about 50 people per hour.

According to the data made available by the task force last Sunday, there was still vaccinate 300 thousand people of the first phase across the country.

Task force considers including mentally ill patients

According to the weekly Expresso, task force is considering including the severely mentally ill in the next priority phase vaccination, after the request made by the National Program for Mental Health to include people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

The director of this program, Miguel Xavier, told the newspaper that this “joint request”, also made with the College of Psychiatry of the Ordem dos Médicos, was formalized “about two, three weeks ago”, but that, for now, not yet got an answer.

However, there is openness on the part of task force to respond positively to this request because, in the reply sent to Expresso by this team and by DGS, it can be read that, “you are a review should be carried out (…), Either in the establishment of additional prioritization criteria, or in the inclusion of new diseases ”.

The responsible authorities also said that this review “is being developed by the technical commission for vaccination against covid-19” and “Includes mental pathology”.

According to Miguel Xavier, the cause is the vaccination of over 250 thousand people, with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, who because of taking antipsychotic drugs “are at greater risk than the general population”.

Furthermore, it justifies, are patients who “are at higher risk” to be infected, since, “in an acute phase, of decompensation, they do not comply with the measures of confinement and social distance” so well.

As for people with mental illness who are institutionalized in public institutions and in the social sector, which is estimated to be around three thousand in total, the director of the National Program for Mental Health adds that they have all been vaccinated.

“Prison guards on the continent are vaccinated”

“The vaccination process underway in the Justice area, namely in prison services, is going very well. At the moment, there are already about 8,800 vaccines applied, which means that, at the continent level, prison guards they are all vaccinated, there are 4,000 people who have already taken a second dose, ”the Minister of Justice told reporters.

Francisca Van Dunem also said that, in the prison system, “all non-credible citizens are already vaccinated and now a second phase has started for inmates with health problems”.

Also present at the press conference, the Minister of Internal Administration took stock of vaccination in the area of ​​internal security. Eduardo Cabrita said that they were vaccinated about 16 thousand firefighters and 20,000 members of the security forces (10,000 in the GNR and 10,000 in the PSP).

The minister stressed that the priorities defined were associated “exactly with the operational dimension”, having given priority to “those who are on the street” and have “a role as a patrolman or guarantor of the verification of compliance with the rules on the state of emergency”.

According to the most recent data from DGS, Portugal has currently 1,641,946 people vaccinated: 1,169,676 with the first dose and 472,270 with the second dose.

The coordinator of the task force responsible for the vaccination plan estimated that in April it will be possible to vaccinate 100 thousand people per day, given the vaccine shipments that Portugal should receive in the second quarter.

If in this first quarter Portugal received less than two million vaccines, the forecast for the second quarter is of nine million vaccines, of which 1.8 million in April and the remainder in the following two months.

In addition to the vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca that are already being administered, Portugal should receive in the second half of April the first vaccines from Janssen, single-dose, from a batch of around 1.25 million that is expected to arrive throughout the second quarter.

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