25-year-old student dies from Covid-19 2 days after his father

25-year-old student dies from Covid-19 2 days after his father
25-year-old student dies from Covid-19 2 days after his father

In order not to find the winner of Mega da Virada, Caixa relies on a 54-year-old decree-law

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Supported by a 1967 decree-law, Caixa Econômica Federal will not seek to contact the R $ 162.6 million winner of Mega Sena da Virada. According to this measure at the time of the dictatorship, the 90-day period expires on Wednesday (31). Last week, Caixa itself announced that one of the winners, from São Paulo, had not yet presented himself and was in danger of losing the prize – the other, from Aracaju, Sergipe, has already withdrawn his money. But the fact that the “forgotten” winner played over the internet caught the eye. After all, there he provided his CPF and other data to pay the bet. Since Monday (29), Folha has been questioning Caixa, without getting an answer, about the possibility of finding the winner. On the same day, Procon notified the institution asking for information about the lack of action. This Wednesday (31), Procon said that Caixa responded to the question based on two laws. 13.756, of 2018, says that unclaimed prizes will be directed to Fies (Higher Education Financing Fund). Decree-Law 204, enacted 54 years ago, establishes a 90-day deadline for claiming prizes. “What I question is Caixa’s strategy of wanting to apply this pre-internet device, made at a time when the player could not be identified. They are saying that they are prohibited from searching,” said Fernando Capez, executive director of Procon- SP. In fact, if the laws cited by Caixa do not necessarily oblige you to contact the winners, they also do not prohibit Caixa from doing so. “This attitude violates the principles of transparency and good faith in the Consumer Code,” said the director. “I understand that the deadline should be applied for those who have an unidentified game, made in the lotteries. But, since Caixa has the winner’s data in its system, the deadline should only become valid after the chances of finding that consumer. ” “If the identification of the bettor is possible, Caixa cannot comfortably wait for the expiration of the term and appropriate the money. If the bettor is dead, the prize belongs to his heirs. And if the bet was made electronically, it is a duty of the financial institution to inform if it is not possible to identify its author “, said Capez. At least since 2015, the amounts not claimed in lotteries and destined to Fies are over R $ 300 million per year – the biggest transfer occurred in 2018, with R $ 332 million. These values ​​are in general the sum of thousands of small bets. A bettor has never failed to claim a prize close to R $ 162 million, as is happening now.


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