Elderly dies after 2nd dose of vaccine and family contests in court covid’s report – Capital

Proof that the elderly who died in Santa Casa had taken two doses of the vaccine against covid-19. (Reproduction of court proceedings)

The family of an 81-year-old patient who died on Tuesday (30) at Santa Casa de Campo Grande went to court asking for a test to detect the presence of the new coronavirus in the body. The hospital says he died of widespread infection and had symptoms of covid-19, confirmed by an examination taken on March 29, the day before death.

For the family, however, there was no possibility of contagion due to the disease, as Querino Antônio da Conceição had already taken two doses of vaccine against covid-19.

Voucher attached to the file shows the two dates: February 13th for dose 1 and March 13th for dose 2. Both were received at the drive thru of Parque Ayrton Sena.

The technical notes already released on the vaccine received, Coronavac, manufactured by the Butantan Institute, inform that it takes at least two weeks for the immunization to actually occur. Still, according to professionals heard by the report, none of the drugs already developed is 100% guaranteed.

How was it – According to the family’s report, the elderly was hospitalized on March 18, due to an injury to the big toe, a consequence of uncontrolled diabetes.

He stayed, according to his son, Antônio da Conceição, 5 days at the UPA (Emergency Care Unit) of the University District. After that, he was transferred to Santa Casa de Campo Grande.

There, the doctor in charge called the family to talk and said that the solution of the case required amputation of the affected leg. The children did not accept the procedure and said they would hold a family meeting to decide what to do.

They chose to transfer the patient from the hospital unit, but they say that, when searching for the Santa Casa to do this, they found that Querino was in another wing, the one for patients affected by the covid-19.

According to the public servant, through video call, another doctor reported that the father was with the covid. Then there was a question about how this could have happened, if the two doses had already been applied.

On the 30th, the elderly died, but has not yet been buried, as the family does not accept the diagnosis of covid-19 and went to court with a request for a new examination.

There has been no appreciation of the injunction request yet.

Placements – “The expected time for an immune response is 14 days, however it can vary according to each organism”, informed Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat) to the report.

The case of this specific patient will need to be further investigated, since the patient began to manifest symptoms of the disease after more than 20 days after the booster dose, after having been in the hospital for 10 days for treatment of a another chronic condition “, says the text.

At the hospital, information was given that death occurred from generalized sepsis, that is, an infection that spread uncontrollably, and that there was “suggestiveness” of covid-19, attested by the exam.

In the request to court, family members accuse the hospital of having transferred the patient to the covid ward as a kind of punishment for not accepting surgery to amputate the leg. They even claim that they suggested a less invasive procedure, and suggest that the hospital wanted to do the strictest to make more money from the procedure.

About this, the Santa Casa has not yet manifested itself.

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