Health confirms cases of the covid-19 variant in Campinas – daily life

Health confirms cases of the covid-19 variant in Campinas – daily life
Health confirms cases of the covid-19 variant in Campinas – daily life
Unicamp entrance in Barão Geraldo (Photo: Disclosure)

The City of Campinas confirmed, on Wednesday afternoon (31), that the Brazilian variant P1, from covid-19, with mutations that make the coronavirus more contagious and also more resistant to antibodies, is already circulating in the city.

The Laboratory for Emerging Virus Studies at the Unicamp Biology Institute (State University of Campinas) found the variant in four patients.

P1 was isolated in four patients from Campinas. Patients confirmed with P1 were seen by Cecom (Community Health Center) at Unicamp and by other services in the city and all are cured. There are two men and two women from three regions of the city and aged between 28 and 69 years.

The suspicion that the variant was in circulation in Campinas arose in mid-February, due to the increase in new cases of the disease and hospitalizations.

The City Hall asked for support for Unicamp to carry out the genetic sequencing that seeks to identify the circulation of the new coronavirus strain in the city.


A 55-year-old man, living in the northern part of the city, developed the first symptoms of covid-19 on 25 January. Another 69-year-old man from the South region had his initial symptoms on January 27; a 34-year-old woman from the East region had symptoms on January 31 and another 28-year-old woman from the North region had symptoms on February 10.

The confirmation that the variant, first identified in early January, in Manaus, is circulating in Campinas shows the need for the population to increase health care.

“It is a more transmissible variant and that is why the care of the population, such as isolation, wearing a mask, hand washing and distance, must be more rigorous”, stated the director of Devisa (Department of Health Surveillance), Andrea von Zuben.


The first case of P1 in Campinas was confirmed in February, in a 78-year-old woman, who arrived in the city on January 14, on a direct flight from Manaus. She arrived with the symptoms of Covid-19 and was taken to a health unit and later admitted to a private hospital, where she remained until January 25.

The passengers who were close to her on the flight, as well as her two daughters, were monitored.

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