ANS prohibits health plans from suspending elective surgery

ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) has prohibited health plans from suspending their elective (non-emergency) surgeries from their clients. Some operators have been suspending these procedures due to the increase in bed occupancy because of the increase in hospitalizations of patients with covid-19.

In a statement, ANS stated that the “suspension carried out indiscriminately” will be subject to punishment, as it characterizes the operator’s lack of assistance to customers.

“ANS points out that the suspension of elective procedures carried out indiscriminately by health plan operators characterizes a serious administrative abnormality of a care nature, as it is a practice associated with lack of assistance, in a collective, recurring and non-punctual way, in disagreement with current regulation, which creates a risk to the quality and continuity of health care provided to beneficiaries (…) “, said the agency.

The regulatory body informed that the decision to suspend elective surgeries must be carefully analyzed by the doctor and discussed with the patient, that is, it cannot be determined by the operator.

According to the statement, if evidence of assistance risk to customers is found, companies will be subject to the application of administrative measures, which may be notifications, suspension of the sale of health plans or even extrajudicial liquidation, depending on the severity of the case.


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