Bolsonaro government paid influencers to defend early care against Covid-19, says agency

RIO – The Federal Government invested R $ 1.3 million in marketing actions with digital influencers about Covid-19. The amount spent by the Ministry of Health and the Secretariat of Communication (Secom) includes R $ 85.9 thousand destined to the cache of 19 famous people hired to publicize the campaigns on their social networks, according to published by the Public Agency with data obtained through the Law of Access to Information (LAI).

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Among the actions, there is one hired by Secom who paid an amount of R $ 23 thousand to hire four influencers to talk about “early care”. The amount came out of an investment of R $ 19.9 million in the campaign “Early Care COVID-19”.

According to a report by the Public Agency, Secom advised former BBB Flavia Viana, in addition to influencers João Zoli, Jéssika Taynara and Pam Puertas to make a post on the feed and six stories on their Instagram accounts telling followers that, if they felt symptoms of covid, it was “important that you immediately see a doctor and request early care”.

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The four influencers were instructed to be guided by a text that said: “Today I want to talk about an important issue, I want to reinforce some ways to prevent coronavirus. We will inform ourselves and seek guidance from reliable sources. We will not give spaces for fake news. Do not play with health. Stay tuned! And if you notice any symptoms such as headache, fever, cough, tiredness, loss of smell or taste, # Don’t wait, see a doctor and ask for early care “.

Also according to the report, the contracted material did not mention “early treatment” for Covid-19 using drugs such as chloroquine and ivermectin, as was already defended by President Jair Bolsonaro and appeared in a guideline edited by the Ministry of Health in May 2020 , which indicated the use of chloroquine since the first symptoms of the disease.

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In the guidance text that is currently on the government website, the terms “attendance” and “treatment” are confused: “Early treatment is proven to increase the chances of recovery and decrease the occurrence of more serious cases and, consequently, the number of hospitalizations “, says the page of the Ministry of Health.

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