City hall confirms ‘South Africa’ strain and industry is expected to partially paralyze

City hall confirms ‘South Africa’ strain and industry is expected to partially paralyze
City hall confirms ‘South Africa’ strain and industry is expected to partially paralyze

Definition of which sectors will be stopped will occur until Thursday (1)

Ana Paula Diegues Trindade, Rodrigo Manga and Vinícius Rodrigues during a press conference this Wednesday. Photo credit: Fábio Rogério / JCS (03/31/2021)

The Sorocaba City Hall confirmed on Wednesday (31) that the strain of SarsCoV2 — coronavirus identified in the city is the same as in South Africa and has some mutations. With the situation, part of the city’s industrial activity should be temporarily halted. The information was passed on in a meeting at the City Hall, with Mayor Rodrigo Manga (Republicans) and part of the team from the Department of Health (Ses). For the Chief Executive, the fact should speed up the acquisition of vaccines in Sorocaba

According to the coordinator of the Epidemiological Surveillance, Ana Paula Diegues Trindade, it is correct to say that the strain identified in Sorocaba is the same as in South Africa. The strain code located in the city is B1351, with some mutations.

The patient in which the sample with the variant was located resides in the Parque das Paineiras neighborhood, in the north of Sorocaba. She is 34 years old. The sequencing of the sample was done only with material from the housewife. Husband and one son have already had a confirmed diagnosis of the new coronavirus. According to Ana Paula, the family did not travel to South Africa, the husband was on vacation and the children were not attending school. The family had no serious symptoms of the disease.

According to information from the Surveillance, on March 23, Dimas Covas, director of the Butantan Institute called to talk about the collection of exams so that an investigation by the institute could be continued. After today’s State Government press conference on tackling the pandemic, when the information on the new strain in Sorocaba was made public, the Health Secretariat received an email from the Institute confirming that the traces located in the city’s sample are similar to South Africans. “We are already talking here about the South African variant,” stated the Secretary of Health of Sorocaba, Vinícius Rodrigues.

Still according to Rodrigues, the situation is at a different moment with regard to the pandemic. “The epidemiological scenario of 2020 has nothing to do with the current epidemiological scenario”, he guarantees. For the statement, it is based on the number of people infected and the deaths of the past few days.

Industry shutdown

Part of the industry should have its activity paralyzed, but until the time of the meeting there was no definition or expectation about the percentage of the sector that should be impacted. “At first it was understood that they – the employees – are going to travel with buses from the private sector so that these passengers do not need to use the public transport system,” says Manga. “But some industries will have to stop to end this movement. The idea is that those non-essential services will stop and we will keep those industries that are in the food industry, the industries that are in the industry of inputs for health. That would be the idea at first, but we are working out the final details ”, said the Chief Executive.

To address the issue, a meeting was held on Wednesday afternoon. At the table, members of the Center of Industry of the State of São Paulo (Ciesp) and of municipal secretariats, including the one of Labor and Income. The definition of which sectors should have the activities stopped should be released by Thursday (1).

Vaccine anticipation

With the pandemic worsening in Sorocaba, Mayor Rodrigo Manga said he would ask the city for priority in the vaccination process. “We have the capacity [de arcar financeiramente] and we also have a partnership with the private sector in the Vaccine Sorocaba campaign. Now, the main objective is to reallocate resources from wherever you have them. Our desire is for vaccination ”, he comments, highlighting a meeting that will take place on April 7 to address the issue. “Now, it is an obligation of the State itself, to understand the need of Sorocaba so that we come to immunize the population, avoiding the greater contagion due to this new variant.”

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