Deaths from Covid double in March and ES has the deadliest month of the pandemic

More than a thousand lives lost in a month in ES due to the coronavirus. Credit: Secom-ES / Disclosure

In March of this year, Espírito Santo had the month with the highest number of deaths in the entire pandemic. According to data collected from the Covid-19 Panel, a tool of the State Department of Health (Sesa), 1,095 deaths were recorded due to Covid-19. In addition, it was also the second month with more cases of the disease: 56,175 people tested positive, less than the figure released in December 2020, when 58,250 cases of infection were reported.

The increase in deaths by Covid-19 in March in the state was 100,1%, that is, it doubled in relation to February. Last month, 547 people lost their lives to the disease. This indicator, according to data from the Covid-19 Panel, had been decreasing in previous months. Between January and February, for example, the number of deaths fell by 29%.

With 1,095 deaths recorded, March becomes the month with the highest number of deaths by Covid-19 in the state, with an average of approximately 35 people dying each day. Until then, June had been the deadliest month in the pandemic, with 1,043 infected people losing their lives.

The number of new cases registered also increased significantly: March saw a growth of 74,6% in the number of people who tested positive for Covid-19 compared to February. The previous month recorded 32,173 diagnoses of the disease.

The 56,175 cases registered in the 31 days of March mean, on average, 1,812 people infected every 24 hours in the State. This value is equivalent to 75 new confirmed cases of coronavirus per hour in Espírito Santo.

A Gazeta considered the daily updates of the Covid-19 Panel, from the State Health Secretariat (Sesa). The numbers, therefore, represent the cases and deaths reported in the month and do not always correspond to those infected and deaths that occurred in the respective period.

7500 lives lost to the coronavirus. Credit: Christopher Catbagan / Unsplash / Arte Geraldo Neto


In the last 24 hours, 2,868 new cases have been identified, reaching 382,480 infected people since the beginning of the pandemic.

As of Wednesday (31), more than 1.1 million tests have been carried out to identify Covid-19 in Espírito Santo territory. The number of people cured reached 351,496, of which 2,563 in the last 24 hours, and the lethality rate of the disease is 2% in the state.

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