China criticizes 14 countries that questioned WHO report

China criticizes 14 countries that questioned WHO report
China criticizes 14 countries that questioned WHO report

“The politicization of virus traceability is extremely unethical and unpopular”, said Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

On Tuesday, the United States and 13 allied countries expressed “common concerns” about the WHO report on the origin of the new coronavirus, drawn up by a scientific mission sent to the city of Wuhan, identified as the source of the epidemic.

In the declaration signed by Washington, together with other countries such as the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Japan, Australia, Denmark and Norway, the allies reaffirmed their support for the United Nations agency, as well as urging China to provide “full access” data related to this matter.

“It is essential to express our common concerns that the study by international experts on the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been significantly delayed and that it has not had exhaustive access to original data and samples,” he said. the joint document, which also has the signatures of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and South Korea.

“It is crucial that independent experts have full access to all relevant human, animal and environmental data, as well as the investigations and personnel involved in the early stages of the epidemic, which could possibly contribute to determining how this pandemic started,” added the 14 countries. .

Reacting today to the questions raised by the group of 14 countries, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said that this “can only disrupt global traceability cooperation and undermine global anti-epidemic cooperation”.

“Traceability work must be based on a global perspective” and “it will need to be carried out in several countries,” said Hua.

China has been advocating that other investigations similar to the one carried out in Wuhan also take place outside of China, including in the United States.

Prepared in recent months to identify the genesis of the pandemic of the covid-19 disease, the report by the WHO team of scientists points out, among other conclusions, that the city of Wuhan (in central China and usually indicated as the location where the first case) and the Huanan market, in the same location, cannot be considered as the point of origin of the pandemic.

This is one of the conclusions of the international mission of 17 scientists, who worked with a team composed of the same number of Chinese experts, on a 28-day visit to Wuhan, half of which were passed through the first quarantined group.

The scientific mission also considers that SARS-CoV-2 is very likely to have passed from the animal kingdom to humans, but has not yet determined how it happened.

The hypothesis by means of an intermediate species is the one that has more weight in the final report of the experts.

Of the four hypotheses put forward by the international team of scientists who were in Wuhan, the one that is considered least likely is the one that points to a laboratory accident.

Despite being pointed out as less likely, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus this week defended a new investigation into the hypothesis that the covid-19 pandemic was caused by a leak from a laboratory in China, criticizing the lack data access.

For the representative, the fact that this hypothesis is included in the report “requires further investigation, probably with new missions by specialized scientists”.

In the joint statement, the US and allied countries acknowledge the report’s conclusions, but insist on the importance of a next stage of investigation, calling for a “renewed commitment from WHO and all Member States [da organização] in favor of access, transparency and speed “.

For the 14 countries, scientific missions must be able to carry out their work “under conditions that allow the production of independent and objective conclusions and recommendations”.

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