In two weeks of lack of definition, schools recorded 47 outbreaks of covid-19 – News

According to Público, this figure represents more than half of the outbreaks that were recorded previously, until January 18, the date when all education was still open. However, at this time only 45% of students were in person, since the 2nd and 3rd cycles returned to schools only last Monday and secondary education is expected to return on the 19th of April.

As for the 47 outbreaks recorded since the beginning of the deflation, these data, released by the DGS to the newspaper, relate to the two weeks of classroom activity, that is, between 15 and 26 March. Analyzing the situation prior to the interruption of classes at the establishments, 78 outbreaks were active at that time – which now represents a 40% reduction.

With regard to outbreaks in the school environment, the highest value recorded so far was 94 active outbreaks, in November.

This week, the Prime Minister expressed concern about the speed of transmission of covid-19 infections in schools, confronted with data that indicate an increase in contagions among children, especially since the schools reopened on March 15 ,.

“We have been following the situation very closely. As you recall, there was a testing of all teaching and non-teaching staff before the opening of daycare centers, pre-school and primary school. And, to reinforce the grade For protection, massive vaccination of all teaching and non-teaching staff in educational establishments is underway, he said.

However, according to the Prime Minister, there is now new data. “Contrary to what happened in the first period [deste ano letivo], is that, now, as a result of this new variant [britânica], which has greater transmissibility, as a rule, when a case is reported and when generalized testing is carried out, other cases are soon seen “, revealed António Costa.

In that sense, according to the Prime Minister, after the identification of a case with a child in a school, “the respective families are also being tested”.

“We have to broaden the surveillance universe because, in fact, this variant, as we had already realized at the end of December, increases transmission risks very significantly,” he added.

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