Two weeks of classes, less than half of the return students and 47 outbreaks have been counted – Observer

Younger children were the first to return to schools, from day care centers to the first cycle and there are already data regarding the spread of Covid-19 among the community. In two weeks, with only 45% of the school population in face-to-face education, 47 outbreaks were counted. The number may not seem expressive, but if we consider that in January, before the end, all levels of education were in class and if there were 78 outbreaks, the current number gains relevance. It is more than half of the outbreaks that were registered at the peak of the pandemic, with far fewer students in person.

The data are advanced in this Thursday’s edition of Público, which cites the DGS and says that the update was made this Monday, after the end of a week for Easter holidays. On Tuesday, the Prime Minister had already expressed “concern” about the contagion in schools, referring to a higher transmission of the infection than that previously registered.

To the daily newspaper, the infectious disease António Silva Graça says that the situation “is not alarming” and recalls that the increase in the number of outbreaks happens simultaneously with the mass tests in educational establishments that had a positivity rate below 0.1 %.

Covid-19. Over 82,000 tests and 80 positive cases being screened in schools



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