Porto Alegre expands Covid-19 vaccination for 64-year olds this Thursday

Porto Alegre expands Covid-19 vaccination for 64-year olds this Thursday
Porto Alegre expands Covid-19 vaccination for 64-year olds this Thursday

The City of Porto Alegre confirmed, on Wednesday, the expansion of vaccination for the elderly with 64 from this Thursday. Immunization takes place at the 38 referral health units from 8 am to 5 pm, and at three drive-thrus, from 9 am to 5 pm.

In order to be vaccinated, it is necessary to present an identity document with CPF and proof of residency in Porto Alegre. Whoever receives the second dose, it is necessary to bring an identity card and the vaccination card received in the first application.

The Municipal Health Department decided to expand vaccination to the age group of 64 years after the confirmation of the arrival in Rio Grande do Sul of a new batch with 301,550 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 – 141,800 Coronavac and 159,750 AstraZeneca. However, the State Department of Health (SES) has not yet confirmed the date of arrival of the batch.

Liberal health professionals

According to the Municipal Health Secretariat, the 19 partner pharmacies in the campaign against Covid-19 offer, this week, a new opportunity for vaccination to liberal health professionals or who work in health services with in-person and direct attention to human health who were unable to attend. in the indicated period. The opening hours will be from 9am to 5pm.

This week, receptionists, security guards, cleaning workers, cooks and kitchen assistants, ambulance drivers, administrative staff, managers, professionals who transport medicines or biological samples that work in health service establishments, may be vaccinated within this category. human health, such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, basic health units, laboratories, pharmacies, drugstores and offices.

The vaccination of this group will follow an 11-day schedule, according to the age group.

Public security

According to the SMS, the immunization of public security professionals continues in the Capital. The Civil Police vaccination was carried out from Monday to Wednesday at the Police Palace, carried out by SMS teams. Federal road policemen, Susepe servers (prison system) and municipal guards receive the first dose until Friday, at the IAPI Health Center. Brigadians and firefighters are immunized by teams from the corporation itself, at the Military Brigade Hospital.


Near 280 funeral directors working in Porto Alegre will be vaccinated against Covid-19 this Friday. According to the City Hall, immunization will be for those professionals who work with the manipulation of bodies potentially contaminated by the coronavirus. The doses will be applied at the IAPI Health Center, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Check the addresses for vaccination against Covid-19

Health Units from 8 am to 5 pm:

  • Modelo Health Unit – Av. Jerônimo de Ornelas, 55 – Bairro Santana
  • Santa Cecília Health Unit – Rua São Manoel, 543 – Bairro Santa Cecília
  • Santa Marta Health Unit – Rua Capitão Montanha, 27 – Bairro Centro Histórico
  • Cristal Health Unit – Rua Cruzeiro do Sul, 2702 – Bairro Santa Tereza
  • Divisa Health Unit – Rua Upamoroti, 735 – Bairro Cristal
  • Glória Health Unit – Av. Professor Oscar Pereira, 3229 – Bairro Glória
  • Moab Caldas Health Unit – Av. Moab Caldas, 400 – Bairro Santa Tereza
  • Health Unit Nossa Senhora de Belém – Rua João do Couto, 294 – Bairro Belém Velho
  • First of May Health Unit – Av. Professor Oscar Pereira, 6199 – Bairro Cascata
  • Milta Rodrigues Health Unit – Rua Comendador Eduardo Secco, 4 B Bairro – Jardim Carvalho
  • Chácara da Fumaça Health Unit – Estrada Martim Félix Berta, 2432 – Mario Quintana
  • Morro Santana Health Unit – Rua Marieta Menna Barreto, 210 – Bairro Protásio Alves
  • Vila Fátima Health Unit – Rua 14, 227 – Vila N. Sra. De Fátima
  • Vila Jardim Health Unit – Rua Nazareth, 570 – Bom Jesus District
  • Health Unit Health Unit – Wenceslau Fontoura Rua José Luís Martins Costa, 200 – Bairro Mario Quintana
  • Nova Brasília Health Unit – Rua Vieira da Silva, 1016 – Bairro Sarandi
  • Passo das Pedras Health Unit 1 – Av. Gomes de Carvalho, 510 – Passo das Pedras Neighborhood
  • Ramos Health Unit – Rua K corner RC street, s / n – Vila Nova Sta Rosa- Bairro Rubem Berta
  • Rubem Berta Health Unit – 675 Wolfram Metzler Street – Rubem Berta Neighborhood
  • Sarandi Health Unit – R. Francisco Pinto da Fontoura, 341 – Bairo Sarandi
  • IAPI Family Clinic – Rua Três de Abril, 90 – Area 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 – Passo da Areia Neighborhood
  • Farrapos Health Unit – Rua Graciano Camozzato, 185 – Bairro Farrapos
  • Vila Ipiranga Health Unit – Rua Alberto Silva, 1830 – Vila Ipiranga Neighborhood
  • Banana Health Unit – Av. Coronel Aparício Borges, 2494 – Bairro Coronel Aparício Borges
  • Ernesto Araújo Health Unit – Rua Ernesto Araújo, 443 – Partenon District
  • Panorama Health Unit – Rua Rômulo da Silva Pinheiro, S / N – Lomba do Pinheiro
  • Santo Alfredo Health Unit – Rua Santo Alfredo, 37 – Bairro Partenon
  • São Carlos Health Unit – Av. Bento Gonçalves, 6670 – Bairro Partenon
  • Álvaro Difini Family Clinic – Rua Alvaro Difini, 520 – Bairro Restinga
  • Belém Novo Health Unit – Rua Florencio Farias, 195 – Belém Novo Neighborhood
  • Health Unit Fifth Unit – Rua São João Calábria, 20 – Bairro Restinga
  • Calabria Health Unit – Rua Gervásio Rosa, 51 – Bairro Vila Nova
  • Camaquã Health Unit – Rua Professor Dr. Pitta Pinheiro Filho, 176 – Camaquã Neighborhood
  • Campo Novo Health Unit – Rua Colina, 160 – Bairro Aberta do Morros
  • Guarujá Health Unit – Av. Guarujá, 190 – Bairro Guarujá
  • Nonoai Health Unit – Rua Erechim, 985 – Bairro Nonoai
  • Health Unit Tristeza – Av. Wenceslau Escobar, 2442 – Bairro Tristeza
  • Health Unit Moradas da Hípica – Rua Geraldo Tollens Linck, 235 – Bairro Aberta dos Morros

Drive-thrus das 9h out of 17h:

  • Big Sertório – Access through Rua Dona Alzira, in the covered parking lot of Sam’s Club
  • Big Barra Shopping Sul – Av. Diário de Notícias, 300
  • PUCRS – Access through av. Ipiranga, 6681 – behind the Events Center, with entrance next to the PUCRS Museum

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