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Abin removes server and announces lawsuit against journalists in case about Flávio Bolsonaro

BRASÍLIA, DF (FOLHAPRESS) – The director general of Abin (Brazilian Information Agency), Alexandre Ramagem, informed that a server was removed on suspicion of falsifying and leaking information related to an alleged performance of the agency in favor of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro ( Republicanos-RJ), the son 01 of President Jair Bolsonaro (without party). In a note on Wednesday morning (7), the Presidency’s GSI (Institutional Security Office), to which Abin is subordinate, states that there are “strong indications of the participation of a server, who falsified the truth and passed on information to the press”. According to the agency, which has ministry status, searches and seizures were carried out at Abin, at the server’s workstation and at his home. “Audit, carried out on the Agency’s database, completely excludes any possibility of making the reports released”, says the note. Ramage and the GSI also said they are taking legal action against journalists who released reports on the matter. On December 11 of last year, the magazine Época published that Abin produced reports to help defend Flávio in the supposed “cracking” scheme in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro. In one of the documents, according to the magazine, Abin made the objective clear: “Defend FB in the Alerj case by demonstrating the procedural nullity resulting from unmotivated access to FB tax data”. FB is Flávio Bolsonaro, and Alerj, Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro. Flávio’s lawyers want to prove that investigations into the “crackers” case were initiated because of illegal actions by the IRS – Abin reportedly issued the reports to help lawyers prove this. President Jair Bolsonaro’s eldest son is accused of leading a “cracked” scheme in his former cabinet in the Legislative Assembly, carried out by 12 phantom officials between 2007 and 2018, a period in which he served as a state deputy. Flávio was denounced in November 2020 by the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office on charges of embezzlement, money laundering and criminal organization. He denies the charges. According to Época magazine, in October 2020, Flávio’s lawyers called the Institutional Security Office and other federal government bodies, with authorization from President Bolsonaro, to obtain evidence that could nullify the investigations into the alleged “crackers”. The triggering of the GSI was confirmed by the defense of the senator himself, who said that it was “suspected of irregularities in the information” in the reports of Coaf, a financial intelligence agency, which originated the investigation against the president’s son. On December 18, the magazine stated that lawyer Luciana Pires, who defends Flávio, said that Ramagem sent the documents published by the report to the president’s son’s cell phone and that the director of Abin asked the defense to file a petition in the IRS formally requesting documents to support the suspicion that the senator had been the target of illegal debauchery by tax officials. On Tuesday night, the head of Abin released on his social networks a video of just over ten minutes under the title “Verification confirms that Abin is not the author of reports to assist the defense of a senator”. In it, Ramagem mentions “a single meeting”, without explaining with whom, “GSI and Abin, with their institutional duty, went to address the issue of institutional security and, at the end of the exposed subject, we were emphatic in saying that it is not a matter of attribution from Abin and GSI because the issue is already judicialized and because it is not possible to go into private intelligence matters of each agency “. Ramage is close to the Bolsonaro family. The President of the Republic tried to put him in charge of the Federal Police last year, but was prevented by a court decision. This Tuesday, just after the ceremony of handing over the position to the new Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, the new PF general director, Paulo Maiurino, was chosen. According to Ramage, since this meeting he mentioned, there was never any discussion on the subject again. “But, unfortunately, journalistic reports distorted the issue and began to create several lies that were these reports,” said the head of Abin, who opened investigations to investigate the content published by the press. “In terms of plan, what I say to you is that the observation is as follows: I believe, a small portion of the press, in bad faith, builds a method, creates a serious false fact without any proof or foundation, plays for the dissemination general for a public condemnation, public execration, discrediting the institution and its members “, completed Ramage. As a result of the investigation, the director general of Abin says that none of the journalists who published reports on the subject were at the agency. Ramage also said that search and seizure warrants have been carried out against an Abin server who is said to have been responsible for “leaking structural information from Abin to provide basic support for veracity for the construction of these press lies”. At the same time, the director general of Abin said that procedures are already underway for “criminal and civil judicialization in the face of these journalists who, unfortunately, gave rise to these reports imputations and even those who may, journalist or not, may have worked. , influenced them to that “. “This is not against freedom of expression, the press. On the contrary, the role of the press when free, professional and in search of the truth is essential, it is fundamental to society, to the State. Now, when certain professionals use the media of communication to persecute, to invent not only lies, but illicit and, even worse, aware of the innocence of the accused, these issues have to be held civilly and criminally responsible “, said Ramage. Neither the GSI note nor the Ramage video mentions the statement by Flávio Bolsonaro’s lawyer at the time. Sought, the magazine did not want to manifest itself. For the lawyer Matheus Falivene, doctor in criminal law, it is strange that Abin and GSI are announcing these judicial measures, when in fact the senator and the civil servants who felt the attacked honor should seek the eventual responsibility of whom, in theory, he committed a crime. “The organ [no caso, a Abin e o GSI] it is impersonal and does not suffer a crime against honor, “said Falivene. Falivene also said that the announcement of measures against journalists is undue.” Here in Brazil, the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press. This implies, with respect to criminal law, crimes against honor, that journalists can only be held criminally responsible if the unequivocal intention to attack the person’s honor is proven “, he said. For the president of Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism) ), Marcelo Träsel, the law allows any person or organization the possibility to request judicial redress for any damages caused by the disclosure of information in the media, but makes a consideration. “The federal government has repeatedly abused the legal apparatus in an attempt to intimidate journalists . The high echelon under the command of the President of the Republic does not understand, or pretends not to understand, the role of the press in the inspection of the State and the fact that institutions and public agents are subject to greater scrutiny than an ordinary citizen, “he said in a statement. Träsel also said that the government pretends to be unaware of the prerogative of protecting journalistic sources. “The judicial measures announced by Abin and GSI are a farce and seem to have the sole objective of creating a parallel narrative about the use of the public machine in the defense of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro “, said the president of Abraji.

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