Coronavrus: Government give emergency aid to MEIs, small and micro companies

Small and micro companies in Paraná in the segments most affected by the pandemic will receive emergency aid from the State Government. The announcement was made on Tuesday morning (6) by Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior in a meeting with state deputies, heads of other branches of government and representatives of the productive sector. The initiatives will go through the Legislative Assembly.

In total, 86.7 thousand companies will be entitled to a bailout of R $ 59.6 million, with funds from the Paraná State Fund to Combat Poverty (Fecoop). Small companies registered in Simples Nacional in four segments will receive R $ 1,000. Individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) from six sectors will be entitled to R $ 500.

There will be four installments of R $ 250 for small and micro companies in Paraná opting for Simples Nacional with National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) for Passenger Transport (such as school vans and tour buses), Clothing and Footwear Manufactures (clothing stores, footwear and other clothing items), Bars, Diners and Restaurants and similar, and Rental of Recreational and Sports Equipment.

In order to receive the aid, it is necessary to have active state registration and proof of billing or declaration in the PGDAS-D in the amount of up to R $ 360 thousand during the year of 2020. In the whole of Paraná, 32,697 companies can fit in these necessary requirements and request the aid, according to estimates by the State Finance Department. The investment will be R $ 32.6 million.

MEIs in the segments of Bars, Snack Bars and Restaurants, Event Producers, Travel Agents and Tour Operators, Sound and Lighting Activities, Event Houses, Event Filming Companies and Theater Producers will receive two installments of R $ 250. Across the state, 54,000 microentrepreneurs can be part of this cut. The investment will be R $ 27 million.

CREDIT – The bill also extends the validity of Negative Certificates of Tax Debts and State Active Debt and Positive Certificates with Effects of Negative Regularity of Tax Debts and State Active Debt for 120 days, as well as the consultation with the State Information Registry (Cadin), for the purpose of credit operations carried out with public financial institutions within the scope of the State of Paraná.

As an auxiliary measure in credit, about 40 thousand entrepreneurs who have active financing in Fomento Paraná will have their installments frozen for six months.

ICMS – A decree will also be published extending the deadline for payment of the state portion of the ICMS due by establishments opting for Simples Nacional. The measure, prepared by the Secretariat of Finance and State Revenue, can benefit up to 226 thousand small companies active in Paraná.

The text stipulates that payments for the months of March, April and May 2021 will mature on June 30, July 30 and August 31, respectively. So, therefore, small business owners get three months off their accounts.

Another decree provides companies in Paraná with the ICMS installment due to tax substitution (GIA-ST), in up to six monthly installments, in the case of taxable events occurring up to April 2021. The measure is valid for companies registered or not in active debt , and the benefit can be claimed until June 30th.

COOPERA – Another measure announced this Tuesday was a new call for R $ 31.5 million for Coopera Paraná. The Paraná Family Farming Cooperative Support Program (Coopera Paraná) is a government action aimed at strengthening cooperative organizations as instruments to improve the competitiveness and income of family farmers.

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