Group of PMs mobilizes against covid vaccine in SP

Group of PMs mobilizes against covid vaccine in SP
Group of PMs mobilizes against covid vaccine in SP
Even with the coronavirus killing more police officers in São Paulo than clashes, groups of PMs in the state are mobilizing in battalions not to be vaccinated against the covid-19, following theses defended by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) and against Governor João Doria (PSDB).

The Supreme Federal Court (STF) decided in December that states can make the vaccine mandatory, but they cannot compel vaccinations for those who refuse. The São Paulo government, which started vaccination for public security agents yesterday, left the action to be voluntary.

The report interviewed five military police officers who have worked in the capital in the past few days: a first lieutenant and a soldier who work in the east, a corporal and a sergeant in the south and a second lieutenant in the north. They all say they don’t want to be vaccinated. Three of them, however, registered to be immunized even without interest.

The main theses followed by them are in opposition to what Doria says and guides. They say that determinations are only followed in dictatorships, they say they do not trust a vaccine brought from China, repeating the speech that Bolsonaro chanted against CoronaVac, which is produced by the Butantan Institute, is backed by Anvisa and proven by studies.

For the five policemen interviewed, even with the delay in the purchase of vaccines by the federal government and with measures that are not based on scientific data – especially in relation to “early treatments” and against isolation -, President Bolsonaro’s actions are more effective than than Doria’s.

They also affirm that they cannot trust the politician who rules the state with the most dead in Brazil. In fact, in absolute numbers, São Paulo is the state with the most deaths. However, it is also the most populous state, and is not proportionally the worst.

Their articulation, made in WhatsApp groups and also on a daily basis, in person, has the intention, according to the anti-vaccine police themselves, to convince their colleagues in uniform, especially those of low rank, not to be vaccinated.

Other police officers from São Paulo, mainly from the police, say that the anti-vaccine movement within the São Paulo corporation is small. They say that the orientation is being done in an “effective” way in favor of the mass vaccination of all the police in the state, not only the military, but also the civil, technical-scientific and penal. They criticize the movement against the vaccine and are concerned that these policemen are possible vectors of transmission of the virus.

By means of a note, the SSP (Secretariat of Public Security) confirmed that the immunization of agents is voluntary. “Approximately 140 thousand doses of immunizing agents will be available to active professionals from the Military, Civil and Technical-Scientific police, Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Civil Guards, Municipal Guards, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police (who work in SP) and agents of the Casa Foundation. ”

The folder stated that the PM will register all police officers who choose not to receive the vaccine for internal and health control. “All the benefits received by the police are guaranteed by law. Therefore, they are not associated with vaccination,” said the SSP.

The Civil Police, on the other hand, will not register agents who do not get vaccinated. The SSP did not explain why. “The security institutions in São Paulo reinforce that they encourage the immunization of agents as a way of protecting the entire population against the coronavirus epidemic,” added the secretary, in a note.

At the inauguration ceremony for the vaccination of police officers, in Barro Branco, Doria stated that the police officers are also on the front line, having contact with the public. “I would like to highlight all these professionals and thank them for the effort, for the dedication, for the detachment they have made in this pandemic period. All of these agents are part of our heroes, alongside our health professionals,” he said.

The Secretary of Public Security, General João Camilo Pires de Campos added that “this immunization process represents a historic milestone. We will immunize and protect those people who protect São Paulo society. This vaccine arrives as a blessing so that we can be in better conditions. to fulfill our mission, which is to fight crime “.

05.abr.2021 – Policeman from São Paulo is vaccinated against the covid-19 at the Barro Branco Military Police Academy

Image: Disclosure / Government of SP

Action against the class itself

For two public security researchers, the action of policemen to mobilize against the vaccine is contrary to a decision that benefits the policemen themselves in the name of a politicization of public health.

Scholar Dennis Pacheco, of the Brazilian Public Security Forum, states that “it is evident that police officers are among the groups most exposed to contagion by covid” and that, “knowing this, police made a great national mobilization in March, claiming as an essential professional category, vaccination as a central act of professional enhancement “.

“There are minority groups, led by low-ranking profiles trying to create, expand and politically exploit loopholes in opposition to governors, choosing to align themselves with bolsonarism at the expense of the class’s collective decision,” adds Pacheco.

As for FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) professor Rafael Alcadipani, “it is extremely worrying that this type of thing is happening, mainly because it indicates that ideologization can cost lives”.

“Unfortunately, the police are very exposed, many are dying, both those on active duty and those on the reserve, and this issue reaches the level of irrationality. It is quite worrying. Police cannot be support troops of Bolsonarism. This is completely inconceivable” says Alcadipani.

Application in 82 rooms

The vaccine was applied to state military police officers yesterday in 82 barracks. Of the total, 22 vaccination points are from the capital. Among the vaccination points, for example, are the Rota (Ostensive Rounds Tobias de Aguiar), the EEF (Physical Education School) and the Barro Branco Academy, which forms the officers.

According to the service order signed by the PM’s subcommander, Colonel Marcus Vinicius Valério, the officer tries to convince his troops to get vaccinated by saying that “the covid-19 is the biggest pandemic in the recent history of mankind”. He informs in the document that the first dose of vaccine will be available between the 5th and 12th of March, and the second dose 28 days after the first application.

The report questioned the SSP how many police officers have registered so far, but has not received a return. In the document signed by the subcommander, it is determined that the information system must be fed and updated online, for each vaccinated person, at the exact moment of vaccination. Police officers who decide not to get vaccinated or who have any impediments, such as leave, for example, must justify later.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 95 military, civil and technical-scientific police officers in São Paulo have died as a result of the covid-19. The total corresponds to 1% of the effective total. Currently, 1,100 police officers are on sick leave due to symptoms of the virus.

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