MT: Father, mother and two children die from Covid-19 within 42 days

MT: Father, mother and two children die from Covid-19 within 42 days
MT: Father, mother and two children die from Covid-19 within 42 days

A family of four, from Cuiabá (MT), died as a result of Covid-19 in an interval of 42 days. The father, mother and two children died between February 20 and April 3. The information is from G1.

Octacilio dos Santos Araújo, 91, Geny Maria Haddad Araujo, 78, and sons Monique Haddad Araujo Patzlaff, 55, and João José Haddad Araujo, 58, were admitted to the hospital to treat the disease, but they did not resist the conditions. complications.

To G1, Monique’s daughter, Myllena Haddad Araujo Patzlaff, said that the family always took all preventive care, and that the first person to have the symptoms of the disease was her grandfather, on February 10.

“It is a tragedy. They were very dear to everyone. The best mom I could have, the best grandpa and grandma, and the best uncle I could have. I miss them every day, ”he said.

According to Myllena, the grandfather had already contracted the disease in December, but ended up being infected a second time, possibly by a health worker who went to the family’s home, but who did not know it was infected.

She said that her grandfather received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid, but that on the same day she had a fever and ended up looking for the hospital. “The doctor said it was a reaction to the vaccine, gave her some medication and released it,” she said. “On February 17, he had shortness of breath, used oxygen at home, and on the 18th he went to the hospital.”

According to the granddaughter, the doctor requested a Covid test, which was positive, and that her grandfather’s lung was 50% compromised. He was referred to an ICU (Intensive Care Unit), but during treatment he contracted a bacterial infection, and ended up dying on the 20th, two days later.

On the same day of the death of the grandfather, the rest of the family was tested for Covid and all the results were positive. Octacilio’s wife, Geny, was intubated eight days after her husband’s death, but ended up dying on March 6.

The couple’s daughter, and Myllena’s mother, Monique, went to the hospital on March 3, on the 4th she was intubated, and on the 15th, she died. His uncle, João José, was hospitalized on March 6, in Valinhos, in the interior of São Paulo, where he had just moved. On Saturday, April 3, he underwent a procedure to remove water from the lung, but the organ did not return to normal size and he died.

Both the mother and the two children, between the first hospitalization and the death, arrived to go home in home care. Geny and Monique died at home, João José was hospitalized for the procedure to remove water from the lung and died in the hospital.

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