DF expects to receive 10,000 more doses of vaccines

DF expects to receive 10,000 more doses of vaccines
DF expects to receive 10,000 more doses of vaccines

posted on 05/04/2021 17:17

Doses should not be enough to expand the target audience – (credit: LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

During a press conference on Monday afternoon (4/4), Health Secretary Osnei Okumoto said that there are plans to receive another 10,000 doses of covid-19 vaccines next Wednesday (7 / 4). However, the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for the application of immunizers – whether for the first or second dose – are still unknown, and the target audience for vaccination should not be expanded.

“We received guidance from the Ministry of Health on the application of the amount received last Thursday only at night,” explained the secretary. The last shipment of immunizers involved 116 thousand doses, but the Ministry of Health informed that they should be used, almost entirely, for the application of the second dose, which impacted the application schedule.

The Secretariat of Health (SES-DF) had announced, last Thursday (1/4), that the vaccination of 66-year-olds would start on Saturday (3/4). As the mail however, out of the amount received last week, only 1,111 were earmarked for the immunization of these people. With few vaccines available, some elderly people slept in line to guarantee a dose of the immunizer.

“SES was able to increase the amount of vaccines available to these elderly people to around 3,600 thanks to the relocation of remaining doses not used in health facilities,” explained the secretary. “If we use D2 (second dose of vaccine) as D1, people who should receive the second dose lose the immunization acquired with the first. And we would not be able to guarantee D2 for people who would receive the first application,” he added.


The secretary of the Civil House of the DF, Gustavo Rocha, evaluated, during the press conference, that the Federal District has received fewer doses, proportionally, in relation to the states. “Some states received vaccines for about 28% of the population. The DF received the corresponding 18%,” said Gustavo Rocha.

The survey was carried out by the technical team of the Secretariat of Health based on the quantity of doses received by the federative units and the population, with data from the IBGE, of these locations.

“There are plans to send more doses to the Federal District, we have already asked for more vaccines for the ministry, even on account of people from the surrounding areas and other states that have been vaccinated here,” explained Gustavo Rocha.

The Secretary of Health, Osnei Okumoto, explained that the survey about the city of those who are vaccinated is done through the SUS card and the DDD of the telephone number informed by the patient in the register, since proof of residence is not required at the time of vaccination. .

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