Covid-19: state vaccinating 2,374 security and rescue professionals

Covid-19: state vaccinating 2,374 security and rescue professionals
Covid-19: state vaccinating 2,374 security and rescue professionals
Photo: Divulgao / SDS

In the last shipment of vaccines against Covid-19 to Pernambuco, doses were allocated to 2,374 workers in the security and rescue forces. With the recommended percentage of 5% loss, 2,500 units of the immunizer were made available to this public. In this first moment, the National Immunization Plan (PNI) indicates that priority should be given to those who work in actions directly related to pre-hospital care and strategies related to vaccination against Covid-19.

During a meeting of the Bipartite Intergovernmental Commission (CIB) on Monday afternoon (5), the municipal managers and the State Health Secretariat agreed on the recommendations for the start of the immunization of this group. The State Immunization Program (PNI-PE) will dispense doses gradually and according to the nominal lists it will receive from the services linked to the Secretariat of Social Defense (SDS) and the Armed Forces and the offer of new doses by the Ministry of Health (MS).

The State Health Secretariat (SES-PE) also asked the municipalities to survey the quantity of their respective municipal guards so that the State can calculate the entire security force and plead with the federal government to send more doses to this public. , since the MS calculations include only the police and agents of the Armed Forces.

The next inclusions of this priority group are also being analyzed, taking into account that the advance of immunization in this category will take into account the availability of more doses referred by the Ministry of Health (MS). In addition, the group will be considered based on the order of priority established in a technical note from the federal agency.

“We are articulating with the local authorities on the main criteria for vaccination within the group of safety and rescue professionals, also awaiting the guidelines of the National Immunization Program so that we can identify all this priority population and start the group’s immunization”, pointed out the secretary of Health of Pernambuco, André Longo, during the CIB. According to estimates, Pernambuco has about 26,000 police officers and 12,500 armed forces officers, totaling an audience of 38,500 security and rescue professionals in the state.

Vaccination balance

Pernambuco has already applied 1,170,481 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, of which 910,871 were first doses. In all, the first dose was administered to 212,949 health workers; 24,955 indigenous peoples living in villages; 17,158 in quilombola communities; 6,157 elderly people in long-term care facilities; 146,182 elderly people aged 64 to 69 years; 321,181 elderly people from 70 to 79 years old; 95,926 elderly people aged 80 to 84 years; 85,457 elderly people from 85 years old; in addition to 906 people with institutionalized disabilities.

Regarding the second dose, 162,153 health workers have already benefited; 24,155 indigenous peoples living in villages; 22 in quilombola communities; 4,446 institutionalized elderly; 1,964 elderly people aged 64 to 69; 37,363 elderly people from 70 to 79 years old; 23,857 elderly people aged 80 to 84 years; 4,955 elderly people over 85 years of age, in addition to 695 people with institutionalized disabilities; totaling 259,610 people who have already completed the scheme.

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