More than 160 military police officers died of COVID-19 victims in Minas Gerais

Police officers did not stop working during the pandemic (photo: 04/12/2020 – Alexandre Guzanshe / EM / DA Press)

Professionals from outside security e rescue, who never stopped working one day during the pandemic, are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccination announced this week. Immunization arrives to try to stop the recent deaths in the category by COVID-19. According to the Association of Praas Cops and Military Firefighters of Minas Gerais (Aspra-MG), 164 military police died in the state due to the disease.

Only from the Military Police, 18.75% of the troops had been contaminated by the new coronavirus until last week, according to the organization. Also in the previous week, eight military died and, between Sunday (4/4) and this Monday (5/4), two more policemen lost their lives to COVID-19.

Aspra’s president, Warrant Officer Heder Martins de Oliveira, says the numbers are worrisome. “The troop has not stopped working, it is not ‘street office‘, n? ”, he says. “Unfortunately, despite the strength of the state of Minas Gerais, the vaccination of public security professionals came late. And she only arrived, not willingly, the governor’s goodwill, there was a need for intervention. ”

He says that the entity, upon realizing that other states had already started vaccinating the class, filed a lawsuit to grant vaccination to police and firefighters.

“What we hope for now is that there will be no disruption in the vaccination schedule. We must now look ahead, there is no point in regretting why it should have started a long time ago. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to the political will of the government, because both municipalities and states had and have the autonomy to review the prioritization plan, ”said Heder.

Climbed to the ass

On the 27th, the person who left the nostalgia was Corporal Thiago Ranier Costa e Silva, 37, who worked in the 8th Battalion of Firefighters (BBM), in Uberaba, in the Tringulo Mineiro. The firefighter had been battling the disease at Hospital Universitrio Mrio Palmrio since February 6 and received support from colleagues who daily prayed for on social media.

Corporal Ranier was honored by colleagues (photo: Fire Department / Disclosure)

On the date of mourning, the former commander of the unit, Lieutenant Colonel Anderson Passos, wrote a text in honor of the boy. Check it out in full:


for a human incomprehension that today we mourn the departure of the friend for a new Today God has climbed the dear Corporal Ranier into the celestial battle, in an unexpected emergency call. His body suffered, he succumbed to a terrible disease, ending his brief and earthly presence. Disciplined firefighter, Corporal Ranier did not hesitate when he heard the call from above. Soon she introduced herself to Jesus saying:

“As I am, my commander, tell me what the mission is, I want to help immediately, give my contribution. Just the Lord tell me where I should go and how I should serve.”

Jesus said: “Stay calm and breathe. The friend seems a little tired. He arrived at the right time, neither early nor late. I gave you relief from your long struggle and now the divine toil. You don’t even remember, boy, you already sat in the square. here and now he just went back: to Batalho Morada da Paz. He was an outstanding professional, he helped a lot and a lot of people. Soon, soon, he will understand why he came here suddenly. He sowed his good seed on Earth, he was competent and it is still a great example of humility for a very lively person. Now staying here watching over your peers, giving your attentive looks, just as you always did, tidying and repairing cars night and day. “

Thiago Ranier really deserves every hug and affection. After all, its good light already illuminated our path. One thing we are sure of: What seems wrong to us at that moment, may have been a charitable deliverance.

So, a sad hour of gratitude. For his well-lived history, for the loves of his life, for the things he built, for everything he saw, even for human failures, which were still cool.

Thank you very much, friend. Go in peace. The ass receives a big angel and a clever fireman. We will always be praying, Jesus on the watch, God in charge. ”

Who to be vaccinated

The consignment allows the expansion of the vaccination, including elderly people between 65 and 69 years old, and that priority be given to professionals:

  • federal police
  • military police
  • civil police
  • road policemen
  • military firefighters
  • civilian firefighters
  • municipal guards
The Secretary of State for Health (SES-MG) informed that within the group there are still other priority criteria:
  • workers involved in the care and transportation of patients
  • rescues and pre-hospital care
  • vaccination actions against COVID-19
  • aes of vigilncia of the measures of social distancing
  • with direct and constant contact with the public regardless of the category

The dates have not yet been released. “Now wait for the calendar, there is not much to mull over. We now expect from the governor faithful compliance with the timetable that will be established, and that there will be no interruption, the minimum that we expect, ”said Heder.

“We had the support of Senator Rodrigo Pacheco, Federal Deputy Deputy Lieutenant Gonzaga, General Commanders of the Military Police, Colonel Rodrigo Sousa Rodrigues, and the Fire Department, Colonel Edgar Estevo”, recalls the president of Aspra.

Immunization in BH

“The form will be made available by the Municipal Health Secretariat throughout this week and should also be filled out by workers who work in the front lines in the units and services for the population in the areas of Social Assistance, Food Security and Citizenship. In addition to inspectors of Urban and Environmental Control, of the Municipal Secretariat of Urban Policy, and street sweepers. The form must be delivered duly completed by the authorities ”, said the secretary, in a note.

Questioned by the report, the Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG) replied that only the military personnel of the State Aviation Command (Comave) who participate in the cleaning, wrapping and transportation of serious cases of COVID-19, who are being transferred between cities of Minas Gerais.

“As they are in direct contact with viruses, in a small place with no air circulation like the interior of the aircraft used, there was an urgent need to be vaccinated so that they could continue their work with the least possible risk and the possibility of being interrupted in the case widespread contamination of these policemen. PMMG also clarifies that other COMAVE military personnel involved in the transport of vaccines did not have this level of priority ”, he said.

Regarding the only firefighter involved in the list, the Fire Brigade threw the ball to SES-MG, which informed that “health workers are all those who work in establishments linked to health”, indicating that there was also no irregularity.

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