Covid-19: ES breaks record and exceeds 900 people in ICU beds

Covid-19: ES breaks record and exceeds 900 people in ICU beds
Covid-19: ES breaks record and exceeds 900 people in ICU beds

Some patients who require ICU beds are transferred by Samu teams. Credit: Fernando Madeira

For the first time in the entire pandemic, Espírito Santo has more than 900 people hospitalized with Covid-19 in beds of the state’s public intensive care unit (ICU). This Monday (5), there are exactly 910 patients in serious condition, fighting against the new coronavirus to survive.

This Monday (5th), Espírito Santo also broke a record in the total number of people hospitalized in the public network destined to Covid-19: there are 1,680, adding those who are in ICU and infirmary beds. In this last sector, the highest level was reached this Sunday (4), with 771 patients.

Both indexes have been increasing almost every day since mid-March. During the first wave of the pandemic, in the middle of last year, the State reached around 1,100 hospitalized patients in total and 540 in the wards. In the second wave, at the end of the year, they returned to close to these levels, but without surpassing them.

All data used in this report were taken from the Hospital Bed Occupation Panel, of the State Health Secretariat (Sesa). It contains daily information on hospitalizations generated by the new coronavirus in the state’s public network, since April 15, 2020.


“We have noticed, since last week, a slowdown in serious and nursing cases at Covid-19. However, the number of hospitalizations continues to grow,” he said. In other words, this means that hospitalizations continue to increase in the State, but at a slower pace than that seen recently.


is the occupancy rate of the ICU beds of ES this Monday (5)

To try to avoid the collapse of the health system until the reduction happens, the secretary guaranteed that Espírito Santo should open 136 more ICU beds by the end of this month, totaling 1,100 places destined exclusively to Covid-19. There are also expansions planned for wards across the state.


After more than a year of pandemic, Secretary Nésio Fernandes acknowledged that there is a fatigue on the part of the population to adhere to measures of social distance. However, he again stressed the importance of the people of Espírito Santo understanding the gravity of the current moment and staying at home.

“Tiredness cannot become a denial of the disease or high-risk behavior. Most of the population is at extreme risk. Without reducing social interaction, it will not be possible to prevent many deaths from happening in the coming weeks. You need to leave only when necessary and always wearing a mask “, he reinforced.

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