Did quarantine in ES produce results? What Health Secretariat says

Did quarantine in ES produce results? What Health Secretariat says
Did quarantine in ES produce results? What Health Secretariat says

New Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds with respirator at Hospital Jayme Santos Neves, in Serra. . Credit: Playback / TV

It will take at least another 15 days to have a more accurate assessment of the effects of the quarantine adopted by state decree to contain the intensification of the pandemic of the new coronavirus in Espírito Santo. But the indicators already point to a “slight slowdown” in the emergence of new serious cases of the disease that require beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and infirmary, informed the Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes.


Quarantine in ES produced results – What Health Department says

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“We have been presenting in Espírito Santo, since the 25th of last month, the beginning of a high stabilization of cases, with a small deceleration in the graph curve of new serious cases that require ICU and infirmary beds. But it is still too early to say that we have already reached the ceiling. We should have more concrete results in a fortnight, with the expectation of falling cases and hospitalizations, and the stabilization in the number of deaths ”, explained the secretary

Until then, explains Nésio, we should still have a variation in daily deaths very close to what was recorded in the last week. “The behavior of deaths should be close to that of the last week, with a variation of 15 to 20%. Only in the next fortnight, when we look back, will we be able to identify the behavior of cases, hospitalizations and the stabilization of deaths, which is the latest indicator to be reflected in the face of any measure taken to assess the pandemic ”, he explained.

Another positive effect of the quarantine was the reduction, since last week, in the volume of hospitalizations in cases not related to Covid-19. Trauma situations, for example, are greatly impacted by the reduction of traffic on municipal roads. “There was a big reduction in hospitalization of non-Covid-19 cases, resulting from the quarantine,” added Nésio.

But he warned that the number of admissions to public hospitals in the state is still high and growing. This Monday (5th), the occupancy rate of hospital beds was 94.99%. Of the 958 ICU beds exclusive to Covid-19, 897 were occupied, with only 61 available. “We still have a set of patients who fell ill as a result of contagion and who still demand, put pressure on the health system”, he explains.

This Monday (5th), according to Nésio, a total of 93 patients were being treated for evaluation of hospitalization in a hospital bed, either in the ICU or infirmary. Five of them were in line while another 88 were being served by Samu.

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