Free download: app helps fight covid-19 in Santos

Free download: app helps fight covid-19 in Santos
Free download: app helps fight covid-19 in Santos
Vaccine status in polyclinics and hospital occupation can also be consulted

Data is anonymous. See how it works

Step by step to download

A free and easy-to-use application will be the new ally in Santos in the fight against the covid-19. The tool, the result of a partnership between the City Hall, the Butantan Institute and the startup Global Health Monitor (GHM), is available starting this Monday (5) and allows residents to make a self-assessment, check the status of the vaccination card and diagnostic tests, have access to the map that points to risk of exposure and information on cases and deaths from the disease, in addition to prevention tips.

The City is the second in the country to adopt the technology, which will be integrated with local data and also with the Butainan Tainá platform. “The epidemiological monitoring of covid-19 with the help of technology will be extremely important to help overcome this critical moment of the pandemic in our region”, highlights the Mayor of Santos and President of the Development Council of Baixada Santista (Condesb), Rogério Santos .

“We are helping Santos and Araraquara by providing tools to fight the epidemic, among them the virtual assistant Tainá, who answers questions, helps to identify symptoms and guides what to do if the person had contact with someone with a covid”, highlights Dimas Covas, director of Butantan.

The faster the population installs and feeds the individual information application, the more effective the tool will be. It is recommended that at least 18% of the population of Santos – corresponding to 78 thousand people out of a total of 433 thousand – use the app to reflect the epidemiological reality of the City.


The application is based on contact tracking (contacttracing) and helps users to detect if they were close to a contaminated person, with the issuance of alerts when there is an area of ​​risk.

“The operation is done by smartphone, by geolocation, using data very similar to the applications of transit routes”, explains Henrique Mendes, founder of GHM. The information is anonymous, respecting the confidentiality of users and in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

The self-assessment is a very important step and must be completed by the user, informing if he is without or with symptoms, if he had close contact with a suspected case in the last 14 days, if he was in agglomerations or used public transport, among other information. “The application is very intuitive, easy to use, and the technical questionnaire can be answered in a very simple and quick way by the citizens”, highlights the municipal secretary of Planning and Innovation, Fábio Ferraz.

In May, vaccines and hospital occupation

In Santos, one of the differentials will be the indication of the situation of the health units during vaccination against the covid-19. According to the registered demand, the unit will have a color on the georeferenced map (red, yellow and green). For example, if you are in high demand, the indication will be red. In case of low movement, the indicated color will be green. Data on hospital occupancy in the City will also be available in the application. These features are planned until the beginning of May.

In addition to the application, since April 23, 2020, residents can also rely on the Santos Covid-19 Monitoring platform,

Step by step to download the application

  • Download the Global Health Monitor (GHM) application from the company’s website ( or from Apple or Google online stores on your smartphone.
  • Click on the “Create my account” button to start the registration.
  • Read and accept the terms of use by clicking “Continue”
  • Enter your details or register using a social network.
  • Open your email (the same one you included in the registration) to access the activation code.
  • Complete your registration by informing the requested data.
  • Finish and click on “Start using”
  • Do the self-assessment daily

Keep the location function on your smartphone active.

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