Study predicts 100,000 deaths by Covid-19 in Brazil in April alone. Brazilian experts fear even worse number – World

Covid-19, which is totally out of control in Brazil, could kill at least 100,000 people in that country this April alone. The estimate was made by the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessment at the University of Washington, USA.The prestigious institution in the American capital carried out a study on the spread of coronavirus in Brazil, taking into account the mobility of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, the rate of propagation of Brazilian, English and South African variants already identified in Brazil, the success and failure of isolation measures and the correct use of masks by the population. As a result of these analyzes, the University of Washington estimated that by the next 30th, Covid-19 will kill at least 95,794 people, increasing the total of lives lost since the beginning of the pandemic in February last year, to more than 421 thousand by later this month.

Although frightening, the estimate of the American university may be unfortunately exceeded, analyze Brazilian experts. Last week, Brazil came very close to the four thousand lives lost per day, 3950 in the worst period of 24 hours, and the coronavirus is spreading at a breakneck pace across the country, killing up to hundreds of people who have not yet been served for lack of hospital beds, and the official death toll as of Monday by Covid-19 has now reached 331,500.

Last month, in March, Brazil recorded 66,868 deaths from Covid-19, in a period in which most of the days the country registered just over two thousand deaths every 24 hours. Since the end of March, however, there has been an even greater spike in new contagions and new deaths, and hospital care, despite the herculean effort of health professionals, has deteriorated sharply. In addition to beds, there is a lack of oxygen, medicines of all kinds and teams of trained professionals to assist so many patients, who arrive at hospitals in an increasingly serious condition.


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