Terraces? DGS recalls the five measures to be taken against Covid-19

Athis Monday, the second phase of the deflation plan in mainland Portugal was launched. Among the various measures, as of today, restaurants, pastry shops and cafes that have a terrace can reopen the outdoor spaces, even with limited groups – a maximum of four people.

To guarantee the safety of all, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) recalled that, even so, it is necessary that the establishments take into account some specific measures of protection against Covid-19 on the terraces. Here are the top five:

  • As tables must be cleaned and disinfected and the towels exchanged, between each client, with recommended and appropriate products;
  • The dishes used by the customers must be taken in the washing machine with detergent, at an elevated temperature (80-19ºC);
  • Critical equipment – such as automatic payment terminals or menus, must be disinfected after each use;
  • All areas of frequent contact must be cleaned and disinfected at least six times a day and using suitable products;
  • You employees must not come into contact with exposed and ready-to-eat foods with their own hands and must use appropriate utensils.

The Government decided, last Thursday, to proceed with the second phase of the deconfination plan. In addition to the 2nd and 3rd cycle schools, free time activities for these students are again available today, as well as day centers and social facilities to support the disabled.

With regard to commerce, as of today, stores with doors to the street of less than 200 square meters no longer have to sell to the wicket and are now able to have their doors open to the public, for, according to the rotation and the rules of the Directorate-General for Health, to be able to provide in-person assistance to their clients.

The gyms also reopen, but still without the possibility of group classes.

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