Transmission rate of covid-19 in DF returns to 0.91

posted on 04/05/2021 17:39

There has been a 2.15% drop in the rate since last week – (credit: Cibele Moreira / CB / DA Press – 8/1/21)

This Monday (5/4), the transmission rate of the covid-19 in the Federal District returned to 0.91. The information was confirmed by the secretary of the Civil House, Gustavo Rocha, during a press conference this Monday (5/4), at the Buriti Palace.

The figure indicates that every 100 people infected with the disease transmit it to an average of 91 others. In an interval of four days, there was a reduction of only 2.15% in the transmission rate of covid-19 in the Federal District. Last Wednesday (3/31), the number was 0.93. In the previous week, the rate was 0.91.

The slight reduction does not change, however, the dramatic scenario of the pandemic in which the DF lives. On Monday morning (4/4), there were only eight ICU vacancies left for the treatment of more severe patients affected by the disease. Meanwhile, 278 patients with suspicion or confirmation of the diagnosis of covid-19 were waiting in line for a place in the ICU of the Federal District.

The alarming situation is no different in the private network of the federal capital. The ICUs in these units are also full and approaching maximum capacity: this morning, all places in pediatric beds were occupied; adult beds reached a 99.29% capacity rate.

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During the press conference, secretary Gustavo Rocha also pointed out that the DF Health Department should open 92 more ICU beds in the next 15 days. “The three new field hospitals, which are well advanced in construction, will bring 300 more beds, in addition to those that will be opened.”


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