Geography teacher dies, at 35, in Fortaleza from Covid-19 complications – Metro

Geography teacher dies, at 35, in Fortaleza from Covid-19 complications – Metro
Geography teacher dies, at 35, in Fortaleza from Covid-19 complications – Metro
The Geography Teacher William Rodrigues, 35, died on Monday (5) from complications of Covid-19. A professor at Darwin College, in the Meireles neighborhood, he leaves a daughter and the hearts of students and staff saddened by yet another life lost during the pandemic.

The educator has been teaching at the institution since January 2019, but had to leave the activities due to the onset of symptoms, between 20 and 25 days ago. He was responsible for the discipline in eight classes, which together brought together 184 students.

According to the school, William has always been a “master who challenged himself“, seeking to be innovative during his classes, which delighted the student body.” virtual classes it was no different “, assures the institution, adding that the professor was” always very committed and responsible for his functions. A great friend and partner of Education and life “.

Relationship with students

In the work routine, the educator smile it was its most striking feature, in addition to the motivating phrases spoken to those who transmitted teachings. According to the school, the advice was usual: “Be calm and patience that everything will be all right”, he told the students he worked with.

On social networks, several people expressed mourning death and thanked for the moments that occurred in the teacher’s life. “I am grateful for the lessons I had with him and I am also grateful for having met him,” said one student.

Due to the loss, the school ended classes the early morning shift for elementary and high school, during the break, and at the end of the period for early childhood education. There will be no afternoon activities.

Educational institution published a note of condolence on social networks.

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The educational institution released, on the morning of this Monday, note of regret expressing condolences to the teacher’s family, students and friends. “May we find comfort in God, in great memories and in the legacy of professionalism and respect for the neighbor that William leaves us,” he added.

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