RS has 20,600 deaths from Covid and keeps falling in the moving average | Rio Grande do Sul

For the second consecutive day, Rio Grande do Sul presents drop in moving average of deaths by Covid-19. With 101 records this Monday (5), according to the State Health Secretariat (SES), the state reaches 20.6 thousand deaths, but shows signs of reduction in the average of daily deaths.

Compared to two weeks ago, there was a 17% reduction. Even so, the level is 216 deaths, on average, daily, which is considered very high.

The last time he had a string of falls, on February 8, RS had 45 daily deaths average. (See chart)

Moving average deaths in RS

Deaths, on average, in the last seven days

Source: SES-RS, G1 RS and media consortium

SES also identified over 906 infected. So, the state has 860,924 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of the total, 826,381 are considered recovered (96%) and 13,871 are being monitored (1.6%). At the same time, the lethality rate is 2.4%, which puts the RS among the eight states with the most deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Even so, the moving average of cases maintains stability. Compared to two weeks ago, there was a 38% left. (See chart)

Moving average of cases in RS

Coronavirus cases, on average, in the last seven days

Source: SES-RS, G1 and press media consortium

Another positive index is the fifth day with a capacity below 100%. The picture is still serious, with 3,241 patients in 3,399 ICU beds (96%) in the 4:07 pm update, but it already suggests an increase in the offer of vacancies.

The private system is the most worrying, with 108.5% of beds occupied. In addition, 77.6% of people in the ICUs are diagnosed with Covid or suspected of having severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Understand the situation of the lack of ICU beds in RS

Vaccination is also progressing and, until the last update, 1,263,468 people had received the first dose and 311,140 of them, the second.

So, 11.15% of the population is immunized with the first dose and 2.74% with both.

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