Reporter has good news after crying mother’s death by covid

Every time Pedro Neville appears on the GloboNews screen, the image of the young reporter on December 20 of last year comes back to us, a Sunday shift with a focus on news about the pandemic.

“We need awareness,” said Pedro Neville on the day he revealed his mother’s death by covid-19

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He reported live about the death of actress Nicette Bruno, a victim of the coronavirus, when he revealed a family tragedy. “Almost two months ago, my mother also left because of the covid-19”, she said, her voice trembling, holding back her tears.

Then he reported how Dona Lilian, 63, was infected on a trip and her fight against the disease until she died in early November. The outburst of that bereaved son moved the anchor in the studio, Lilian Ribeiro, and had repercussions on social networks and in the press.

Since then, Pedro continues to update the pandemic data on TV. He comments on the number of contaminated, the sum of the dead, the decisions of the governments, the agglomeration bust, the slow advance of vaccination.

Pedro Neville and his mother, Dona Lilian; and with his wife, Maria Fernanda, son Benjamin and 'daughter' Biga

Pedro Neville and his mother, Dona Lilian; and with his wife, Maria Fernanda, son Benjamin and ‘daughter’ Biga

Photo: Reproductions

The journalist always takes the opportunity to try to make the viewer aware of the health protocols. Demonstrates genuine concern for people. He seems to want to prevent more people from going through the same suffering as his family.

Relaxed and charismatic, Pedro Neville has become an example of resilience. Although weakened in his immeasurable pain, he goes on with his professional mission, talking about a subject that evokes sad memories.

Despite the irreparable losses, life, thankfully, is renewed. On Friday (2), during participation in the ’18h Edition’, the reporter was greeted by Leila Sterenberg. “Pedro is going to be a dad again”, celebrated the presenter.

Surprised, Pedro Neville exuded joy amid the eerie headlines of the pandemic. “Good news also happens. Rafael is coming, ”commented the reporter, happy under the mask. Anyone who was touched by him months ago had a good reason to smile together.

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