State records 335 new cases of coronavirus and six deaths from Covid | Tocantins

State records 335 new cases of coronavirus and six deaths from Covid | Tocantins
State records 335 new cases of coronavirus and six deaths from Covid | Tocantins

Tocantins recorded six deaths by Covid-19 this Monday (5). 335 new cases of coronavirus were also confirmed, 59 in the last 24 hours. According to the epidemiological bulletin, the state now has 143,651 diagnoses and 2,113 deaths.

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The patients who did not resist were between 38 and 85 years old. The deaths occurred between March 22 and April 3. The victims are:

  • 55-year-old woman, resident of Palmas. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 03/22/2021 at the Regional Hospital of Gurupi.
  • 57-year-old man, resident of Miranorte. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 04/03/2021 at the Hospital Geral de Palmas.
  • 38-year-old man, resident of Natividade. Comorbidity: obesity. Death on 4/2/2021
  • at the Hospital Dom Orione.
  • 85-year-old man, resident of Cariri do Tocantins. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 04/02/2021 at the Regional Hospital of Gurupi.
  • 81-year-old man, resident of Paraíso do Tocantins. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 03/22/2021 at the Hospital Modelo de Paraíso do Tocantins.
  • 72-year-old man, resident of Augustinópolis. Comorbidity: not reported. Death on 04/01/2021 at the Regional Hospital of Augustinópolis

The majority of diagnosed cases were in the age group between 20 and 39 years old (126), followed by people aged 40 and 59 years (116).

Araguaína was the city that registered the most new diagnoses, 89 in total. The municipality remains the second in the state ranking. There are a total of 24,524 cases and 316 deaths.

Gurupi and Palmas had 66 new cases, each. The capital continues to be the city with the highest number of confirmations in Tocantins, with 36,163 cases and 391 deaths.

All 139 municipalities in Tocantins have confirmed cases of the disease. See at the end of the report the 10 cities with the most diagnoses and deaths. The full list can be found on the coronavirus website of the State Health Department.

According to SES, of the total cases, 123,375 are recovered and 18,163 are still active, with monitoring and isolation. In all, 489 people are hospitalized due to Covid-19, 146 in public ICU beds and 88 in private intensive care units. The rest are in clinical beds.

According to the government, until 11 am on Monday (5), 37 patients were on the waiting list for beds, 10 waiting for the ICU and another 27 waiting for clinical beds.

Coronavirus vaccination

According to the Vaccinometer, a page of the State that monitors vaccination, Tocantins has already received 270,250 doses of vaccines against the coronavirus, 206,968 were distributed to the municipalities and 139,968 were applied.

Of the total applications, 104,111 refer to the first dose and 35,857, the second dose of the vaccine.

Occupation of ICU beds in hospitals

See the list in public units of the state until 11am this Monday (5):

  • State Hospital for Combating Covid-19 – 100% occupancy
  • Municipal Hospital of Campanha de Araguaína – 90% occupancy
  • Augustinópolis Regional Hospital – 88% occupancy
  • Gurupi Regional Hospital – 91% occupancy
  • Hospital Geral de Palmas ICU Covid – 83% occupancy
  • Regional Hospital of Araguaína – 100% occupancy

See how is the occupation of private beds contracted by the state:

  • Oswaldo Cruz Hospital – 100% occupancy
  • Dom Orione Hospital in Araguaína – 100% occupancy
  • Hospital Santa Thereza – 93% occupancy
  • Instituto Sinai Araguaína – 85% occupancy

Hospital statistics data for all units can be checked on the Integra Saúde portal.

Cities most affected by the pandemic

  • Palmas – 36,163 cases and 391 deaths
  • Araguaína – 24,524 cases and 316 deaths
  • Gurupi – 8,757 cases and 136 deaths
  • Porto Nacional – 6,776 cases and 128 deaths
  • Paraíso do Tocantins – 5,939 cases and 95 deaths
  • Colinas do Tocantins – 5,655 cases and 77 deaths
  • Guaraí – 2,370 cases and 47 deaths
  • Miranorte – 1,842 cases and 34 deaths
  • Formoso do Araguaia – 1,824 cases and 32 deaths
  • Tocantinópolis – 1,737 cases and 29 deaths

See more news from the region at G1 Tocantins.

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