Covid-19: nine tips for returning to esplanades and gyms

The terraces are already open, the gyms are back up and running (for now, no group classes yet), stores under 200 meters and with a door to the street can also receive customers inside, you can go to museums and to fairs. The second phase of the deflation in Portugal is underway, but, warn the authorities, more than ever, it is necessary not to neglect the security rules.

“This is far from over,” warns doctor Bernardo Gomes, a specialist in public health. “It is not yet time for us to make it easy.” Speaking to TVI24, this doctor affirms that the most important thing now is that each citizen is responsible and that he / she abides by the rules, so that the defibrillation is done safely.

These are the main precautions to take:

1. Outdoors is always better

“At this moment, we are in a decisive phase, which is the conquest of the open air. Much of the prevention involves being in ventilated places”, says Bernardo Gomes. Going to a terrace or practicing physical activity outdoors is always better than being indoors, especially if ventilation is not adequate.

2. Choosing who to have coffee with

The doctor says that when we sit in front of someone eating and talking – and therefore without a mask – we are committing ourselves to that person: “This is a situation of great risk. It is as if we were inviting him to our home, it is really a commitment. ” Therefore, it is necessary to choose very well with whom to have a coffee. The ideal, for now, is to stay for the family and people who are already part of our “bubble”.

3. One friend at a time and at intervals

We miss our friends and we want to socialize but it is important to remember that, at this moment, only groups of four are allowed on terraces. Not only should we be with a few people at a time, it is still important to keep the number of contacts as small as possible.

Bernardo Gomes advises “not to extend the social circles in which we operate”. The bubble should come out slowly: one person at a time and always at intervals, advises this specialist. “When we are with someone outside our social circle, we should not be with anyone else for the next seven days,” he says.

4. Wear a mask

The use of a mask in public spaces remains mandatory, including outdoors. On the terraces, since people without sitting close and talking, it is important to keep the mask on your face. This should only be taken out to eat or drink.

In gyms, because they are closed spaces and not always with adequate ventilation, Bernardo Gomes advises the use of a mask, even when training.

5. Wash your hands

It should not even be necessary to say it anymore: washing your hands well is often one of the main ways to defend ourselves against covid-19. The soap breaks the fat membrane that viruses have, causing them to “die”. At this time, all establishments provide hand sanitizer.

6. Keep your distance

From the first day of the pandemic, we know that the most effective way to protect ourselves is to keep our distance from others. This advice is kept up to date. It is important to respect the safety gap in public places. On the terraces, keep your distance from the other groups. In gyms, maintain a distance of at least three meters between practitioners, whether in open or closed spaces. Physical contact between practitioners and coaches should also be avoided, unless absolutely necessary.

7. Drink in moderation

Because alcoholic beverages are harmful to health but also because we all know how alcohol makes us more relaxed and that means that we are more likely to be sloppy in complying with the rules and forget to keep our distance or put on the mask.

8. Avoid sharing food, drinks and objects

It is true that sharing a meal with someone is already a huge risk, because people are very close and will not be able to prevent the particles from spreading, but there is no point in further increasing the possibility of contagion. That is why, in cafes and restaurants, special attention is needed: no sharing snacks, using the same cutlery, trying to drink someone else’s bottle.

9. Attention to schedules

Currently only cafes with terraces or that sell to the wicket are open. Cafes and pastries close at 10:30 pm on weekdays and must close at 1:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

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