‘Data point to need to maintain red phase’

‘Data point to need to maintain red phase’
‘Data point to need to maintain red phase’
The executive coordinator of the Coronavirus Contingency Center of São Paulo, João Gabbardo, said today that the tendency is for the restriction measures imposed to combat the covid-19 pandemic in the state to be relaxed.

In an interview with “Bom Dia São Paulo”, from TV Globo, Gabbardo spoke about the reduction in the number of hospitalized patients due to complications of the disease caused by the new coronavirus, as well as the number of cases, but he stressed that the state is still going through the worst phase of pandemic, with a high number of deaths.

The state is currently in the emergency phase of the São Paulo Plan. In it, all non-essential services are closed and there is a kind of curfew from 8 pm. Asked about easing, Gabbardo said that the decision will be taken by the expert committee, but stressed that the numbers are not optimistic to the point of significant changes.

“This will be decided during this week by the committee, but the tendency is that we do not have many conditions for flexibility. The numbers are not numbers that give us any optimism regarding the possibility of flexibility or leaving the red phase (…) Unfortunately, data points to the need to maintain the red phase, “he said.

In the red phase of the São Paulo Plan, only essential services – such as markets and pharmacies – are open, but with reduced capacity.

Gabbardo said that the state administration took “all possible measures to avoid chaos”, citing the opening of new beds. According to him, today the occupancy rate of the ICU beds is 91%. “Before dropping to 80%, it is very difficult for us to be able to do some flexibility, today we have 91% occupancy in the ICU beds. We have a very big challenge, which is to reduce at least another 10 points, to have 80% occupancy, that it would be reasonable to think about some flexibility. “

The doctor also said he believed that São Paulo is “on the upper plateau” of the pandemic. “I believe that from now on the trend is to improve, this is my expectation.”

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