See how to fill out mandatory registration for teachers

Teachers from São Paulo, who are able to receive the COVID vaccine-19, must show interest in the application. In this first phase, vaccines will be vaccinated teachers over 47 years old. Registration is mandatory, according to the rules released by the Secretary of Education, Rossieli Soares.

COVID-19 vaccine: See how to fill out mandatory registration for teachers
COVID-19 vaccine: See how to fill out mandatory registration for teachers (Image: Hedeson Alves)

A COVID vaccine for this category it will start to be applied from April 12th, next Monday. All teachers aged 47 and over who work in day care centers, elementary schools or high schools will receive two doses of the immunizer.

The application of the COVID vaccine will be for professionals working in the public and private network of the State of São Paulo. In this way, retirees and retired teachers, whether due to illness or to a refresher course, will not be covered.

The expectation of Governor João Doria (PSDB) is that in this first stage of application of the vaccine by COVID for education professionals 350 thousand professionals will be immunized with the two doses.

If this occurs, the Vaccination campaign in São Paulo it will have reached 40% of professionals in the area. In addition, with the application of doses for professionals over 47 years old, 66.5% of teachers who have comorbidities and who work in the state network will be immunized.

In addition to the teachers, other workers who work in the school environment will also be immunized. Therefore, the school nurses, cleaning ladies, school secretaries, pedagogical coordinators, principals, deputy principals and caregivers received the doses.

However, like teachers, for these groups it is necessary to be over 47 years old and to be active.

How to register for vaccination of teachers

Another requirement, valid for all professionals in the sector is mandatory registration, on the website Vaccine Now Education.

On the platform it will be necessary to inform personal data and professional information. Therefore, you will be asked for: CPF number, full name and e-mail. A link will be sent to the registered email address that will need to be validated.

After this step, it will be necessary to confirm the personal data. Soon after, the worker will have to inform the professional data. Therefore, you will have to indicate the name of the school, the education network, the municipality and the position held. Everyone will have to present a paycheck for the past two months.

The coordinator of the State Immunization Program, Regiane Cardoso de Paula, informed that there will be no subdivision by age. Therefore, the application of doses will happen, according to the registration on the platform.


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