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Amid a second wave of Covid-19, challenges to vaccinate the second most populous country in the world and the circulation of new variants, the India registered on Monday (5) a new record of new cases: 103,558.

The country has become the second to exceed 100,000 new infections in a single day. Until then, only the United States had reached the symbolic mark.

Daily infections have grown about 12-fold since they hit a low peak in early February, when the authorities eased most restrictions and people stopped wearing masks and followed social distance.

On March 24, the country’s Ministry of Health announced the detection of a “new double mutant variant” of the coronavirus, which has not yet been cataloged, and the largest number of new cases of Covid-19 since November (47,262).

The increase in the number of cases occurs in the midst of the spring festival and the organization of large electoral rallies, which further increase the fear of the spread of the virus.

Hospitals in India’s richest and most affected state, Maharashtra, are being invaded by patients, according to the Reuters news agency.

The state, whose commercial capital is Mumbai, recorded a record number of new cases (57,074) and was responsible for more than half of all newly infected people in the country (55%).

With more than 12.5 million infected and 165 thousand deaths, the India is the third country with the most confirmed cases, behind only USA e Brazil, and the fourth with more deaths, also behind the Mexico.

The country is the world’s largest producer and exporter of vaccines, but it faces challenges to immunize its 1.3 billion inhabitants, the second largest population on the planet after the China (1.4 billion).

Amid pressure from the opposition, the Indian government is holding back the export of vaccines against Covid-19 to speed up vaccination in the country and expanded the vaccination campaign to include all adults over 45 years of age.

A India already applied more than 75 million doses, behind only USA (161 million) and China (133 million), according to Our World in Data, a project linked to the University of Oxford.

The country is also the third in vaccines administered per day (average of 2.24 million in the last week), also behind China (5.19 million) and USA (3.07 million).

Dough India has a vaccination proportional to the still small population (5.51 doses per 100 inhabitants), behind the world average (8.33) and other countries of the BRICS, as Russia (8,25), China (9,30) e Brazil (9,86).

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