New decree expands until April 12

The State of Santa Catarina today extended (4) restrictive measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic until April 12. The state had already tightened the restrictions in March and the current decree would expire tomorrow (5). There was only one change, which expands the sale of alcoholic beverages by four hours.

The new document states that the supply of alcoholic beverages, for consumption at the establishment itself, is prohibited between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. The current decree prohibits the sale between 18h and 6h.

“We have distancing measures that need to remain. Now we are going to look at all the decrees, listen to Coes and discuss new possibilities of fighting the pandemic with the mayors and health secretaries”, says Secretary of State for Health, Carmen Zanotto, in note published on the government website.

The average number of deaths in Santa Catarina in the last week is 109 deaths per day. The state has 11,243 deaths from the disease. According to the panel of the State Health Secretariat, the occupancy rate of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds of SUS is 95.11%.

Check out the rules established by the government:

  • Nightclubs, shows and shows cannot work;
  • Social events and meetings of any kind are prohibited
  • The supply of alcoholic beverages for consumption in the establishment between 10 pm and 6 am is prohibited;
  • Municipal, intercity and interstate urban public transport: occupancy limit of 50% of the vehicle’s capacity;
  • People can frequent public spaces, such as parks, squares and beaches, as long as they are not crowded.

Establishments that are authorized to serve the public from 10 pm to 6 am:

  • Pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics;
  • Funeral services;
  • Agricultural, veterinary and animal care services in captivity;
  • Social assistance and assistance to the population in a state of vulnerability;
  • Service exclusively in the form of tele-delivery (delivery);
  • Fuel stations, in any case, the crowding of people in circulation spaces and on premises is prohibited;
  • Spaces dedicated to feeding or hosting cargo and passenger transporters, located on roads and highways;
  • Hotels and the like.

Occupancy limit of 25% of the establishment’s capacity in the following activities:

  • Theme parks, water parks and zoos;
  • Cinemas and theaters;
  • Circuses and museums;
  • Churches and religious temples.

Occupancy limit of 25% of the establishment’s capacity and restriction of opening hours from 6 am to 10 pm in the following activities:

  • Congresses, lectures and seminars;
  • Fairs, auctions, exhibitions and inaugurations;
  • Bares.

Activities that can operate from 6 am to 10 pm:

  • Academies and training centers;
  • Use of swimming pools for collective use, social and sports clubs and sports courts;
  • Shopping malls, shopping malls and galleries;
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, tea houses, juice houses, cafeterias, confectioneries, bakeries and the like, limited to new customers until 10 pm


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