Fans rescue Paulo Gustavo’s emotional message about Covid-19

Amid prayer chains for the recovery of Paulo Gustavo, hospitalized since March 13 with Covid-19, fans of the artist rescued a video in which he reflects on the pandemic. In the message, taken from the last end of the year special of humorous 220 volts, he talks about hope, positivity and strength of humor to face difficult times.

“Humor saves, transforms, relieves, heals, brings hope to people’s lives. This pandemic also made it very clear the importance of art in our lives (…) I make fun of you, you laugh, I keep my heart filled here. I feel fulfilled to be able to make you happy. Laughing is an act of resistance ”, says Paulo, in an excerpt from the recording.

Then he comments on the use of the face protection mask. “We are now in need of this flat mask to protect the face from this virus. And unfortunately this mask hides something very precious for us Brazilians: the smile. He is covered, he has to be covered, but he exists ”.

“We will not stop smiling, we will not stop hoping. I’m dying to go back to the theater and meet you ”, concludes the comedian.

Paulo gustavo

Paulo Gustavo contracted Covid-19reproduction


He is 42 years old Disclosure

Paulo Gustavo and Ingrid GuimarãesPaulo-Gustavo-and-Ingrid-Guimarães

Friends, like Ingrid Guimarães, are making prayer chains for the artist’s recovery reproduction

Paulo Gustavo and Dea, his motherPaulo Gustavo and Dea, his mother

He has received many tributes from family and famousPlayback / Instagram

Paulo Gustavo and his motherPaulo Gustavo and mother

Paulo Gustavo and his motherPlayback / Instagram

paulo gustavo pai julio marcos instagrampaulo gustavo pai julio marcos instagram

Paulo Gustavo’s father asked for prayers for his sonPlayback / Instagram

Paulo Gustavo, Thales Bretas, Gael and RomeuPaulo Gustavo

Paulo Gustavo beside his sons and husband, Thales BretasPlayback / Instagram

Paulo Gustavo and Thales Bretas old menthales bretas and paulo gustavo

Paulo Gustavo and Thales Bretas “old people”Playback / Instagram

Paulo Gustavo and sons Romeu and GaelPaulo Gustavo and his children

Paulo Gustavo and sons Romeu and GaelDisclosure

Paulo Gustavo and Tata WerneckPaulo Gustavo and Tata Werneck

Tata Werneck talked about his friend’s healthreproduction


Last Friday (2/4), the artist’s clinical condition worsened and he needed to undergo a treatment known as extracorporeal oxygenation (artificial lung). The goal of therapy is to assist lung activity while the body focuses on fighting the virus.

The doctor Thales Bretas, husband of the comedian for five years, constantly uses social networks to give feedbacks about Paulo’s health status and asking the actor’s fans not to believe rumors circulating on social networks.

“I ask you not to believe in fake news, do not spread news that you are not sure is reliable !!! Me and his press office are always there when we can update you in a safe and honest way. We will have faith, trust God and healing, ”he wrote on his Instagram profile.

Together, Paulo Gustavo and Thales have two small children: Romeu and Gael.

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