Covid-19: Lack of lease dictates a quarter of the income support refusals

Covid-19: Lack of lease dictates a quarter of the income support refusals
Covid-19: Lack of lease dictates a quarter of the income support refusals

About a quarter of the refusals of requests for support for payment of housing rent by the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) were due to the lack of a valid lease agreement, according to data from the Ministry of Housing.

The IHRU has so far received 3,117 requests for income support from families who, due to the drop in income caused by the covid-19 pandemic, have been left without the means to meet that expenditure.

Of that total of requests, from 2,394 applicants, 1,210 were rejected, “of which 24.5% are due to the lack of supporting evidence for the lease”, says the Ministry of Infrastructure, in response to Lusa, an official source. and Housing.

The existence of a valid housing lease is one of the conditions for people to apply for and have access to interest-free loans provided by the IHRU. The proof, recalls the ministry tutored by Pedro Nuno santos, can be made with income receipts, since the written contract is not legally mandatory.

Although a quarter of the refusals originate from the lack of a valid lease, the main reason for these refusals is the failure to verify the drop in income provided by law so that a family can access this support.

According to data from the Ministry of Housing, 44% of rejections are due to this reason, and there is still a part that is mainly due to the “lack of documentation, namely declaration of honor”.

Of the 3,117 requests for support submitted (which include 723 resubmissions of applications, which justifies the difference for the number of applicants) 756 were approved.

According to the same official source, of the pending applications, “only a residual number awaits verification by the IHRU,” with the “vast majority pending additional information requested from applicants, to confirm the requirements foreseen for the granting of support”.

Launched in April 2020, as part of the covid-19 measures, this support translates into the granting of loans by the IHRU to tenants with a drop in income.

Earlier this year, the regime was extended until July 1, 2021 and the required effort rate fell from 35% to 30%. Thus, in order to qualify for and access these loans, the tenant must register a 20% drop in income, and it is also necessary that the income portion affects the income equal to or greater than 30%.

Tenants of housing are eligible when it corresponds to their permanent residence, students with a lease for a house located more than 50 kilometers from the usual residence of their household or guarantors of student tenants.

The rules state that the drop of more than 20% of income is measured by the “comparison between the sum of the income of the members of the household in the month in which the determinant cause of the change in income occurs with the income earned by the same members of the household in the February 2020, in the previous month ”or, in the case of income from independent work,“ in the same period of the previous year ”.

The diploma allows that, at the option of the lessee, the information regarding the income can be delivered by means of a declaration by the tenant, under a commitment of honor, or by a certified accountant, in the case of self-employed workers with organized accounting, with the loss of income being verified later.

Proof of income drop must be delivered to the IHRU, within a maximum period of 60 days after the application submission date.

The legislation with the changes to the regime published at the beginning of this year also includes the necessary requirements so that low-income tenants can ask the IHRU to convert the contracted loan to pay the rent in a non-refundable support.


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