rival Fiat Toro pickup now appears in the basic version

After posing for spy lenses with different types of grille, virtually undisguised and, more recently, alongside the Ranger, the long-awaited Ford Maverick pickup now appears in what will be the entry-level version. The prototype dispenses with several design elements and exhibits simplicity with unpainted mirrors, door handles and bumpers, as well as iron wheels without hubcaps.

In addition, the headlights are of the halogen type and the sliding rear window is absent. In this version, Maverick will be aimed primarily at fleet owners and companies, coinciding with the rumor that it will be one of Ford’s cheapest vehicles in the United States. Currently without compacts, the brand’s local portfolio starts with EcoSport for US $ 19,995 (initial price range speculated for the pickup).

Mechanically, Maverick will be built on the C2 platform (the same as the European Focus and the Escape and Bronco Sport SUVs) and positioned below the Ranger. In comparison with the press, it will be between 60 cm and 70 cm shorter, depending on the configuration. The construction will be of the monoblock type, as in passenger cars, and therefore different from the chassis scheme separated from the common bodywork in medium and large pickup trucks.

Under the hood, the same engines as the Bronco Sport cousin are expected: 1.5 and 2.0 turbo EcoBoost, both linked to the 8-speed automatic transmission. The traction will be front or integral. There will also be a hybrid variant, probably equipped with the same set as the Escape Hybrid: 2.5 aspirated and electric engines, delivering 200 hp of combined power and consumption of up to 18.7 km / liter.

The launch will take place this year (probably in the 2nd semester), with production starting in July at the Mexican plant in Hermosillo to supply several global markets, from the United States to Brazil. Over here, he will fight directly with Fiat Toro. Outside, he will face the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which will be unveiled on the 15th.

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